Toronto-area mayor keeps a "mind map" of photos and lines on his bathroom wall. Not weird at all

It seems that Toronto-area Whitchurch-Stouffville mayor Justin Altmann keeps a diagram of glossy photos and interconnecting lines and arrows on the wall of his office bathroom. (Right on the wall too. That’s going to need re-painting.)

What does it all mean? Unknown, but it probably means the results of the next election have shifted.

Is this a common thing, and is there an app for that? Then they could sit and plot in any bathroom.

Here’s who’s on Stouffville mayor’s ‘creepy’ washroom wall of photos
[Peter Goffin, Noor Javed/The Toronto Star]

(Images: Ali Raza/Metroland)

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I have played with this one a bit - I am sure there are others:

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Yeah, something like that. I’d probably use TiddlyWiki to organize my notes and photos, but I don’t think it could generate a chart.

Just about anything would be better than a bathroom wall for tracking people and paranoid plots, short of a plate of mashed potatoes.

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Isn’t the ‘photos (sometimes interpsersed with newspaper clippings) on the wall connected by a dense web of cryptic arrows and incomprehensible annotations’ thing generally treated as so blatantly crazy that it’s either used just to emphasize that a character is totally nuts; or played for laughs?

If anything, what really chills the blood about this one is the combination of tidiness and clip art. The messier, more chaotic, ‘found object’ examples have an “I’m totally nuts; but every moment is one of ecstatic discovery of meaning in a world where everything is deeply laden with symbolic import” air to them. This one is more “I’m totally nuts; and I think in Visio and crudely vectorized visual cliches”.


I think it’s the status quo for a pattern-recognition-gone-amok species such as humans. But it is only odd or crazy when individuals create their own content and connections rather than trusting the consensus frameworks of mass-media, academia, politics, and commerce to do it for you without undue attention.

Leave it to the professionals! Do not try this at home!


Keep in mind that he’s the victim here.

“For the last two and a half, three years, the harassment, the bullying that I have endured has been very, very monstrous,” said Altmann.


“There was nothing evil, there was nothing bad, there was nothing corrupt, there was nothing of hatred,” said Altmann. “It was showing the purity of my investigation with the links of the emails, the information and the data which I had collected.”

The mayor describes himself as “a visual learner.”


The mayor said he’s pleased the bathroom wall photo collage was exposed.

“Now, I can tell my story, because this is not human … it’s just evil, pure evil.”


Actually this is inspiring for a wallpaper designer out there somewhere trying to come up with the next big thing in wall paper designs…

  • Crime Solving Matrix of Yarn and String
  • Insane killer’s Bedroom Wall of Horrorific String Art
  • Tinfoil Hat Crazy Connections of Rubber bands and Paper Clips
  • Political Mind Maps of Straws, Paranoia and Cocktail Napkins

"Dude, I think it’s just called ‘Do Bow-Bow’"

A few things;

  1. a personal toilet is a throne
  2. contemplation time
  3. staring at peoples faces during that sacred #2 time (pun intended)
  4. who was trusted to enter the mayor’s throne room?
    Edit* of course anyone would be concerned as to why their photo was anyone’s bathroom political chart … will be interesting to hear the reasoning if provided by the honourable mayor.

OmniGraffle is a go-to diagramming tool in my Tech-Ops management repertoire - can’t recommend it highly enough.

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TVTropes helpfully relate the String Theory trope to the Room Full of Crazy theme.

They laughed at me and made jokes but I proved beyond the shadow of a doubt and with… geometric logic… that a duplicate key to the wardroom icebox DID exist…



In 2016, Altmann told council Upton had sent an email to him and his wife “interrogating” them about a missing master key to town facilities.

Do you know something beyond your security clearance, Citizen? Report to the Computer at once.

The Computer is your friend.


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