Ralph Steadman draws Rob Ford for the cover of this week's Now Magazine


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I’m seein’ double, here! Four Krustys!

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Eh, Ok, but missing Steadman’s signature frenetic dynamic. Cliche and static, in my sketchbook.

yeah, it looks rather tame and bland for Steadman.

Guessing that a commission from a free alternative magazine isn’t something that’s worth the effort.

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Our big, fat mayor as a pig. How original.


Good grief can we get over this guy already? He’s an asshole, and he’s overweight, which makes him even more contemptible in our culture. We get it.

How many wars has he started exactly? How many drone strikes or targeted assassinations has he ordered. How many head chopping Al Qaeda fanatics is he financing to overthrow other countries?

I think there are some political figures in Norte Amigo who deserve a lot more animus and wrath than this clown. How about some condemnation of the war-mongering, neoliberal sociopaths running the US right now? The mayor of Toronto is about as important in the grand scheme of things as the dogcatcher of Moose Shit Alaska.


I’d like to note that NOW magazine is a Toronto based magazine that caters to people that live in Toronto and writes about things that are immediately relevant (compared to American foreign policy at least) to Torontonians, so although I aggree that there are more pressing matters to consider, it is hardly a suprise that NOW has done this as it is relevant to Torontonians. I will admit that they might have been a little more subtle however.


It’s the year in review special, so I’d guess it might have been the biggest news there, retrospectively. Get ready for all the top 2013 (whatever) lists in the upcoming week. This happens every year right before New Years Eve.

Very disappointing for an artist of his stature and abilities.

gorgeous! and love the CN tower as an implied syringe (and monument to dickishmess). Steadman is the perfect choice for Fnord. drug fueled ravings\political corruption brings me back to fond memories of Fear and Loathing. He should do a whole book on Fnords’ most famous moments. If anything needed gonzo reporting its the Fnord story.

The pig looks like it still has a shred of dignity…

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I don’t know, it seems to kind of blend Ralph’s style with a retro, Punch kind of illustration.

That may be the lack of coffee speaking. It could merely be bland, I don’t know.

This is not The New York Times. This is Cory’s blog. Cory is from Toronto. If you read personal blogs, expect personally-relevant news.

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