Tortilla laser-etched into a record that actually plays!

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I’ll bet his cutting room smelled delicious.


Didn’t we have this about a year ago?

For every revolution per minute, Donald Trump’s brain rolls 100 times in its grave.


There was one 3 months ago, but it was fake.

Lasers vs food are fun.

Coincidentally, just today I got to play with laser engraving of sugar candy. It works. Photos on request, once I get a round toit and coax them out of the camera. (Todo: get a wifi-enabled SD card.)


Wouldn’t it’ve worked better with a stale tortilla?

I recently bought a wifi-enabled camera. It takes much better pictures than my phone, and I can upload photos directly to my phone wherever I happen to be. The one I have happened to be just a little over $100, and it even has NFC!


I had a wifi camera, but never actually used the functionality - it was dependent on Nikon’s cloud and the project of reverse-engineering the protocol and making own server, well, stalled. The cam since died, which is bad as it had very good zoom.

Does it have reasonably open protocol? Can it talk with a linux server or a local network, or does it insist on having a third-party cloud?

I was really hoping to hear the b-side…


Good to know that brand of tortilla is certified laser safe.


Wow. Is there anything corn can’t do?


Provide excellent nutrition?


You likely already know this; but the ‘Eye-Fi’ wifi SD cards are the best known, most prominently branded; and use a variety of obnoxious software feature-crippling for price discrimination.

The Transcend, PQI, possibly Toshiba and others, are known to run Linux, have been explored sufficiently to allow interactive logins as root, adding new binaries and scripts; and accessing the serial console via some exposed pads on the PCB.

Your path is clear.

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the b-side…

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Perfect for recordings by Taco. Or the Flying Burrito Brothers.


That’s a flour tortilla.

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Re the laser-etched candies…

More here:

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I was hoping that when the needle dropped it would be some sort of salsa.