Total disrespect from the biggest airline in the world!

American Airline has become the largest airlines in the world and their sercurity is called Kiosk.You are told to walk up to a machine that takes your photo and finger and hand prints.A father of a little girl was trying to comfort his daughter because the young child was afraid of the machine,but the airlines sercurity was having none of her unwanted behavior towards their machine and said to the dad just pick her up so it can take her picture.I thought what kind of a world are we living in today.A father was trying to comfort his daughter from her fear of a intimidating machine and the airlines personal was clearly upset that she interrupted their sercurity procedure.I will not fly on American Airlines anymore after seeing the way they treat their customers.They herd people like cattle and treated people who they thought had more money better than those who were traveling economy.I couldn’t believe that this type of treatment was blindly being excepted by the public.I will not be disrespect by people who I gave my money to.We need to fight disrespectful people and when we are being disrespected.If you allow them to treat you like a farm animal than you become a farm animal to them.Please speak up to this insane treatment that people are over looking as normal.I am disgusted they way they treated their customers.I never flown on a airlines that told their passengers to put their trays down only to have a snack box thrown on the tray and than a short time later have s person come up to your seat and yell trash at you wanting you to throw the box into the trash bag they have in their hands.It is like you are an animal on a farm during feeding time.Sad that this disgusting behaviors are concidered normal.I hardly heard the please and thank you from the crew.The only time the crew acted like the passengers were human was when the piolet went over the intercom to tell when we will be arriving and the temperature.I thought why is he acting so nice something must be up.Yes he was up to something because he said he wanted to give us a gift.I thought what kind of bs is he up to.He wanted the passengers to sign up on their American Airlines credit card and recieve free miles.Just for signing up untitled you to a free trip anywhere in the USA he said than started back peddling out the free offer.You guess it that it wasn’t so free after seems you must spend so much on their card to get those free miles plus at the end of each year pay their fee for their free gift.This nightmare went on longer than the safety demonstration.I thought are you kidding me because here we are not able to shut off this unwanted commercial that went on longer than most infomercials.I could have and should have yelled shut the hell up.I really was disgusted by the treatment that people are putting up with from the largest airline in our world.Please people do not stand for this type of out right disrespectful behavior from them.I am not putting up with it and wrote to the airline.They are not getting another penny from me unless they change the way they treat their customers.Call me a spoiled cry babies ,but what I want is to be treated like a human being and not a stupid farm animal.


I agree with you that this is disgusting behaviour from American.

In future, though, it would make your post a lot easier to read if you separated it into paragraphs. For someone like myself, who scans a paragraph at a time for meaning, it makes it much more difficult to determine where a point or thought ends, and thus much harder to read in general.

Thanks for the post, though! I’ll try to avoid flying American in future, if this is how they treat paying customers.


Sorry about the grammar because I deal with dyslexia and when I am upset it
only gets worse.This topic real upsets me.
I will try to text when I am in a calmer state in the future.



Thanks. No offense to @Fred, I have a hard time making the words do myself at times. But the non-paragraphization made this pretty hard to read.

Further comment follows.

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Fucking unacceptable that they put up the pilot to advertise that kind of scam to a literally captive audience.

I hope someone sues them for that one. It’s not okay to do that. Nobody agreed to be pitched to in the air, and nobody has the freedom to leave.

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