Tote bag with Winston Smith's iconic Alternative Tentacles logo




The revolution will not be televised.
It will simply end up on a 30% cotton t-shirt for $29.99


* Not to be confused with Nineteen Eighty-Four character Winston Smith.


Um, what’s a homework shirt?


homework (ˈhəʊmˌwɜːk)

  1.  school work done out of lessons, esp at home
  2.  any preparatory study

3. work done at home for pay

Seems like a weird word choice but it fits, provided his daughter is getting cashola in exchange for her work.


I was going to ask this as well. It’s the little family rearing things that Mark drops that fascinate me more than the thing he’s telling us about.


I agree.

My guesses are:

a) super-comfortable but ultimately not-wearable-in-public shirt worn when doing homework


b) super-embarrassing shirt required to be worn while doing homework to discourage procrastination


c) Mark really meant ‘housework,’ and it’s just a grubby shirt that can get dirty no problem.


B makes me think of the Get Along Shirt.


I would love to live in your world where everything is free.


That’s the best thing I’ve seen in a long time.


They are on Instagram, great behind the scenes peak at their office & Jello Biafra haha -

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