Touchless trash cans in a loop



I want that guy at my next party!

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Dammit, the video won’t play for me. I want in on the fun!

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We are an easily amused people.

He needs to get out more often.


Infinite loop is infinite.

…So is ebola!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first world.

Ye olde synapses pattern matched that to these guys…
Yiiip Yip


Until now, I hadn’t thought touching my trash can was a problem! Sure, I hose it out once in a while, and clean the outside about as often as I wipe the cupboard doors…

I suppose the next logical step is trash that throws itself away.


I wonder what life is like for people who laugh like this. I bet it´s awesome.


This is what happens when Marijuana legalization and Costco automated trash cans interact.


I was going to get some of those cans but I didn’t know they laughed like that.

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Dude, it’s not THAT funny.
Now, if they collapsed into a singularity, THAT would be relatively funny.

Can we get a vine for this?

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