Tourist booed, pelted with pebbles and doused with water for climbing Mayan pyramid

I climbed the Bunker Hill monument and the Washington monument. I’m into obelisks not pyramids.


In my 20s, after super arduous access from Ciudad de México, (shared a local bus, with chickens) GF & I very respectfully climbed Teotihuacan, Temple of the Sun… Difficult ascent. Joined a very small international group at top; we were soon surrounded by a cloud of butterflies… our POV was anthropological, but this turned into a very spiritual experience… spooky.


I’ll take that bet. Turns out she’s Mexican.

But, hey, I get it. It’s fun to make assumptions about people’s group affiliation without corroboration.

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Sure looked like one.
(ETA I stand corrected)

Sharpening razor blades - or is that only the Egyptian models?


kukulkan temple in chichen itza in the yucatan has turned into a gaudy tourist attraction. I would avoid it at all costs. People find it offensive when a woman climbs it but it’s ok to have all the kitsch vendors selling crap to all the tacky tourists coming there by the bus loads. So sad.

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