Toy movie "anti-business", says Fox News




Since they think you can be "talked" into being gay, it only stands to reason that they believe a children's movie can turn an entire generation off to capitalism.


They haven't a Leg(o) to stand on.


I wonder how Fox News feels about the "Mattel and Mars Bar Quick Energy Chocobot Hour."


Man - I wish I'd gotten a career as a talking head. Basically as long as people were drawn to what I was saying (for what ever reason), I could just spout off any old shit and get a gold star at the end of the day.


I think the subtext here is that Fox isn't making any money from this movie.


"Hollywood's anti-business agenda". Oh, right.


Fox News is founded on being "talked" or preached into belief. If it is said and repeated, authoritatively, then it is true, even if facts and common sense say otherwise.


Fox is a peddler of outrage -- and their customers are both right-wingers and the progressives who echo every stupid , offensive -- and outrageous -- thing they say.


Well Lego does come from Denmark which is deeply socialist wink


It's the growing socialism, where innocent children are indoctrinated early to hate the moneyed, and then soon there will be pitchforks and prison for those with cash, and the inevitable War On Christmas™, dissuading people from spending their money on crap, it will be the downfall of civilization! WORRY! WORRY NOW and often! The end is nigh! The conspiracy is in place and my feelings are hurt because there is no obvious worship of the rich, what is this world coming to?



Hypocrisy, meh.

Reminds me of The Matrix, brought to you by the matrix.

Conservatives, moreso than others, worry that to be exposed to even a skin-deep "inoculation" ... is to risk terminal moral infection.

Perhaps because deep down, they know they're living in a house of cards that's apt to fall at the first test of reality.


Having seen the movie, I dare say you could just as easily say this movie slams socialism via the danger of central planning and control. As long as everyone conforms, they get a promise of free tacos.

But you know, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.


So what you're saying is that the movie actually promotes smoking? Ohmygosh think of the children!!!!


Does Megablocks sponsor Fox News?

Maybe they were worried that the angry levels in their viewers blood were dropping too low after a relatively slow weekend. Had to manufacture something quick or people might stop and think.


These guys probably don't appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit that goes in to peddling absolutely every conceivably flavor of tourist tat that you can print a Che face on...

I honestly can't quite tell, when these types start mouthing off about 'anti-business' 'socialistic' 'anti-capitalist', etc. whether they are just in the business of throwing shit and seeing what sticks, or whether they actually think that 'Pro Business' is something that requires noisy public assertion of faith, of the sort they favor in religious matters, rather than, y'know, shutting up and moving product, like an actual business?


Lego is very heteronormative though. The blocks always connect together using male-female connections.

You never see a stud fitting into another stud.


Ah yes, the horrible persecution of Wealthy White Christians in the U.S. How will they ever survive?


Who would better understand media exploitation than Fox News? Being a promoter of business' freedom to exploit, Fox News must defend against any perceived threat to that unregulated freedom to exploit everyone, everywhere.


Deeply and happily socialist, even. So for Fox, the country doesn't exist.