Toy Story turns 27 today

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I’m so old that this doesn’t make me feel old.


That’s a great way to put it, I’ll borrow it if you don’t mind!

Just this weekend I mentioned, while chatting with a contemporary, something about how Glen Campbell had died “a few years back”. Then I realised I’d done that thing, perhaps familiar to others here, where I self-corrected by adding on the “I’m surely wrong” booster

That is:

  • In my mind, GC died ooh, maybe last year, 2020 at the longest? So, why didn’t I say that?
  • Because subconsciously I knew, from prior amazing errors, that I was surely underestimating the time that had passed, and hence automatically bumped it up without even thinking about it.

I checked with my peer and he acknowledged, upon consideration, having the same mental tic. Anyone else?

(Fact-check: Mr. Campbell died in 2017!)


This does not make me feel old. I still feel like I’m 20. My lower back, hip and shoulder disagree though.

Getting new employees who are younger than my kids made me feel old though.


My daughter saying that the new Doctor’s companion is younger than her made her feel old made me feel old…


You wanna feel old, they keep putting anniversary dates on my toys!!

Anyway - loved Toy Story when it came out, and it still holds up!

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