Trailer for Alfonso Cuaron's new film 'Gravity'

Mexican director Cuaron mastered the incredibly complex long continuous take in his great ‘Children Of Men’ (2006), now here he is at it again. Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are on an STS mission when they encounter an absolutely hellish storm of orbital debris.
Looks like one of those rare examples of CGI used responsibly, the film is slated to open in October and I’ll see you there.


I’ve seen and liked everything he’s done since Y Tu Mamá También. He even directed my favorite of the Harry Potter movies. I’ll be there.

While watching ‘Children Of Men’ for the second time, it hit me: this guy can do Hitchcock as well as Hitchcock.
Bonus points for looking like Flaming Lips’ frontman Wayne Coyne.

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I saw this trailer before Pacific Rim and it made my heart just hammer - it looked terrifying. Maybe it is just punching all the specific irrational fear buttons in my head, but goddamn! I might have to have a tranquilizing beer while I watch this one. I really enjoy Cuaron’s work.