Trailer for "Beach Bum," Harmony Korine's new weirdo stoner comedy


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Not to be confused with the other Matthew McConaughey beach movie coming out the same time


Roger That! Surf’s up…


Something something “the part he was born to play” something something.


With my favorite Latin disco track ever in the background!


Ugh. Looks like a watered-down Big Lebowski that’s trying at the same time to be more “edgy.” hard pass


Looks insufferable. At least I look forward to reading the reviews.


I got a bit more of a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas vibe. Excesses to the excess. Learns some kind of lesson. Roll credits. I’ll also pass.


That. Looks. Terrible.


Finally, an Adaptation / Road Trip mashup from the mind that brought me the inspiring, madcap hijinx of Kids and Julien Donkey-Boy!


Did… they just throw some darts at a big board with every actor they knew?


Korine is an interesting director.
What he has made so far has not been obvious.


I felt that too about some of his early movies, but later ones?

So I hesitate to ask, but I’ll go ahead and do so – what was not obvious (and therefore, presumably of value) about Springbreakers? Cuz that movie came across to me like this trailer does – silly, pointlessly crass, stick-it-in-the-eye-of-the-squares! exploitation.


One could argue that Kids was exploitative but at least it had something unique and special going for it. I can’t say the same about his other films that I’ve seen.


Wow! They remade The Big Lebowski?!


Here’s a previous generation making essentially the same statement…

…but with perhaps less fear.


Fear? Fear of what?


Um, the vacuum (is that a better answer?)
Generation after generation of nothing to hold on to?

Um, white people problems?


This trailer makes the movie look terrible and annoying.


Huh. I didn’t get that at all. Just because they both revolve around an aging stoner?

Korine films are weird. I didn’t know what to make of Spring Breakers. It was definitely weak on plot and padded out with a lot of annoying “music video” scenes, but it was still kind of interesting. This looks a lot more like that to me.