Transphobic US Senate candidate kicked out of school board meeting

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It should NEVER be up for debate. The only question we should be asking is how can we shape our society to maximize the good life for all of us…


I don’t disagree. But what’s do you do with people who do disagree and are running for public office and spouting their views? Do you not mention they’re wrong?

He didn’t actually have a right to speak, not in that venue.


Yes! Tell them they’re wrong! Protest them! Organize against them!

And YES, if they start spouting BIGOTED NONSENSE that gets people KILLED, throw them the fuck out of the venue where they are speaking. It’s not that hard. The more we let this kind of shit pass as “acceptable discourse” in our political arena, the longer the current crisis we find ourselves in is going drag out.


Ok, maybe I misread the original comment I was replying to but it seems to suggest that those activities are a waste of time and that some other more direct action should be taken.

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You should ALWAYS take direct action against people like this, in whatever way possible. Just like if a guy in a klan robe was running for office, most of us would not accept that and demand that he get out of the race, we should not accept transphobes doing the same thing.

It’s just not acceptable. At all.


Why? First off, it’s hate speech bordering on incitement. Second, he’s not even from the district. He has no right to a platform in this venue. He can attend and speak at his own school district meetings or go shout at clouds.


Hell yes. People like this always try to attack those they perceive as weakest or most marginalized. Then they go for the next group on that list. That’s how it works so the sooner people stop them the better.


It felt like you were essentially throwing up your hands like little can be done. There is a lot that can be done in direct action between “voting” and “violence.”


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Maybe if we neutered them, they’d calm down.


We know what other scum comes from Ohio, Gym Jordan. This guy is ahead in the polls. That’s almost as frightening as his slobbering transphobia.
Also, his profile pic makes him look like he’s wearing a bonnet. I just had to get that out!!


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