Transport for London blames tube delays on "wrong type of sun"


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We’ve had a fix for this since the 1980s. An effective fix that’s dead simple:



TfL can’t afford blinds. Or those stick-on sun filters that bus windows sometimes have.


Actually, they may have a point. The first part of my cycle journey to work brings me to a T-junction. The last few days I have not been able to see the left-hand branch because the sun rises behind it, and recently it has been rising white straight from the horizon. Even if I stop and mask out the sun with my hands, it is very hard to be sure that nothing is coming along the road below it. By the time I have put my hands back on the handlebars and started, I can usually hear something coming, but unless they are going at mad speeds, I can risk it.

If they see what I see, I don’t think blinds or stick-on films will help.


Does the London Underground even Blu-Blockers?


Underground? Anybody?


Silly me:

I took the post at face value, and then I presumed that the UK has subways like the system where I live; only partially subterranean, whereas other parts are above ground or elevated.

But here, have a Cookie.


Some folks are more worried about the sun shining on other things: the Panama Papers, the SIDtoday files . . . .



At least it wasn’t the dreaded wet leaves on the tracks.


How can you reference BluBlockers and not even


Yeah, but preparing for sun in England is like preparing for snow in Southern California.


You get sun in England. And there’s snow in Southern Cali too:




I was mostly making fun of stereotypes.

Up in the mountains. I remember when I lived in LA there was like six inches of snow south of the county and the news was full of rescue coverage! Which is still more than we get here in Austin. Austin drivers can’t even cope with rain.


Alas, neither can Seattle drivers. Right, @LDoBe?


It’s because it’s intermittent here… I swear.

It’s because it goes without real rain for a few weeks, oil builds up on the roads, then we get a sprinkle, and it all seeps to the top! Then washes away, the road dries out, soaks up more oil, rinse repeat!

Seriously though, I can’t believe how often I’m tailgated on the goddamn freeway.

“You fucker, we’re going 75mph, but you refuse to stay back further than a single car length!”


Not that they can drive anyway. I know everyone says this about their city, but Austin drivers seem to pay attention to everything but the road. The ubiquity of texting at the same time the city’s population has doubled in the past decade and a city planning council that for years chose to bury it’s collective head in the sand and hope the newcomers would leave instead of building adequate infrastructure has seen the rate of traffic fatalities and injuries, especially drivers hitting peds and cyclists which scares the shit out of my biking ass, skyrocket.


How about looking out the fucking window.