Treacherous road carved into a sheer cliff face

Don’t think I’ve ever seen an emoji in the past tense. Yay evolution of language.


According to Detective Sidney Wang of the San Francisco Police (forgive the paraphrasing) “A treacherous road [is] like [a] fresh mushroom…” The rest of the quote is lost in the fog.

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Might be the caffeine, but just imagining the work involved makes my heart flutter.

Oddly, the youtube video terrifies me but the tiktok video isn’t so bad.

Not that there’s any way in hell you could get me to drive that. We were in Portugal with a friend of ours and she did all the driving (from Coimbra up to Porto and then all the way down to Lisbon), and I was frankly terrified enough sitting in the back seat and taking pictures.

Avengers sound track?


Why not both? This triggered my claustrophobia AND my acrophobia!


Not quite as scary maybe, but we drove a Guatemalan ‘highway’ about 12 feet wide with occasional potholes removing half the road, a mile-deep sheer drop into the valley below, and oncoming trucks and chicken-buses that didn’t stop for us. At the end we sped through a vast mud puddle. We prefer our adventures to be survivable, thanks.

About that road in that area:

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George :slightly_smiling_face:y
out :cry:


I call that language :skull:duggery! :wink:

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More info:


1.2 km looks longer, hewn. Not a lot of mission creep, considering 30 years. We’d see a 3D printer made up for it, now. Side-drill it in there with some outer face support?


Many vehicle can “fit” through the Mt Carmel tunnel. But if over 96 inches (8 feet) wide, like our first class-C RV, we pay a toll while they block traffic. Our current Sprinter RV is 90 inches wide and passes for free.

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