Treat yourself to a playful series of mysterious packages

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Pfft. Old. Already been done by Silk Road.




I must say, their Kickstarter page has the best FAQ ever.

Gave one of these to a friend for Christmas. The packages were terrific, and beautifully packaged. Last one came in an actual wooden crate that had to be pried open.


Glad to see that the Industry is finally on a rebound…

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…random thought. This could be also done with electronic parts and various modules, randomly or quasi-randomly selected, something with highly generic applications (sensors, actuators, interfaces, controllers…), with something specific thrown in here and there for a good measure and creativity stimulation.

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I’d love for a service like this to appear in a crime procedural. One subscriber gets a pickled human heart. Another a steampunk gadget incorporating what looks like an actual leathery foot. And then a “head in a jar” which actually a head in a jar.



If I ever won the lottery I’d love to retire from my day job start a business like this just to have an excuse to make weird artifacts. (I’ve made one as a gift but it takes a lot of time.)

And if the lottery prize were really big I’d just sent out artifacts with no subscription.


Isn’t that what GRINDR is for?

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Came for this. Was not disappointed.

“It’s like an ARG, except it isn’t selling you anything awful in the end”? What’s with the stereotypes from the 2000s? Someone needs to read “A Creator’s Guide to Transmedia Storytelling” by Andrea Phillips…or “This is Not a Game” by Dave Szulborski…or, you know, ANYTHING on the subject. But I guess nowadays actually educating oneself on a topic is not a prerequisite for writing about it.

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