Treat yourself to an hour of Last Christmas

Whether you realize it or not, a part of you wants to listen to an hour of the original and covers of Last Christmas. Listen to that part, it just might be the spirit of Christmas daring you to make your life and the life of your coworkers and family better.

If you’re the type to try to avoid this song, consider this immersion therapy. You may come out of it actually liking the song, but you will come out of it a stronger person.

PART 1:   No.
PART 2:   No.
PART 3:   No.
PART 4:   No.
PART 5:   No.
PART 6:   No.
PART 7:   No.
PART 8:   No.
PART 9:   No.
PART 10:   No.
PART 11:   No.
PART 12:   No.
PART 13:   No.
PART 14:   No.
PART 15:   No.
PART 16:   No.
PART 17:   No.
PART 18:   No.
PART 19:   No.
PART 20:   No.
PART 21:   No.
PART 22:   No.

. . .

missing one


I love to find multiple covers of a song. There was a midnight radio show in my town which had a segment where they would play two versions of the same song, that was probably my favorite part of that show. Are there any YT channels with a bunch of playlists each of which is a curated collection of covers?

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I don’t know, it’s just something I’ve been doing for myself lately, but that sounds like something I need to find. In this vein I also have:

An hour of… As the World Falls Down

An hour of… Dancing in the Dark

An hour of… I’m Not in Love (my favorite)

Just in case you like any of those songs.

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