Trigger Windows Solitaire victory animations with a single click

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Haven’t we had this one before?
Still worth repeating in case it was missed by anyone.

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Ricardo is the creator of the awesome open source library three.js. It is great for creating webgl animaions in javascript.

If you change the img.src to anything other than what’s in there, i.e. “none”, then you don’t even have to click anymore, you just move your mouse around for bursts of cards. Using chrome, right click anywhere on the site, select Inspect, then scroll down to the script.

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Actually, for some reason, you don’t even need to change it. Just opening inspect to the console then closing it will trigger the function.

Clicking and dragging is a little simpler, and gives you the same explosions of victory.

That’s the one thing I miss my old 286 for – Solitaire win animations that were slow enough to appreciate.


I’m pretty sure anyone who worked in an office during the '90’s has played enough Windows Solitaire for a lifetime. It’s what we did before flash games. What will we do now that flash is gone?

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Play HTML5 games?


Go back to Windows Solitaire.

BTW, Windows 8 and later did away with the old Windows Solitaire and other games, replacing them with Windows Store apps. Real crawling abomination from the darkest pits of hell apps. Requiring a Microsoft account to play. Full of “play against others” and “post your score for your soon-to-be ex-friends friends to see so we can we monetize them!” features. Like they couldn’t clue in that playing a game named “Solitaire” isn’t supposed to be a Social Media Event.

Fortunately, if you do a search on [Windows Solitaire hex editor] you can find instructions on how to modify the Windows 7 Solitaire, Minesweeper, Hearts etc. to work in Windows 8 and 10. It saved my butt when the CEO’s machine was upgraded to 10.


Stop it Microsoft. No one is going to think you’re cool until you do something that’s actually cool.

I like the link because I can finally get the animation to cover all of the green background.

Ads previously mentioned, the author’s name is ‘Ricardo Cabello’ aka Mr.doob

Barcelona created Gaudi, Picasso - and now Mr.doob.

It turns out that clicking is much more interesting as you can rapidly click all over the place causing multiple card explosions at once, which is even more fun than the original to watch :slight_smile:

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