Tripping has 50 stories about memorable psychedelic trips

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i’ve got a great one that happened in Montreal and it involves mice, burnt toast, dried spaghetti, the whole fucking universe and a few too many shrooms - at least that’s how i remember it


Sounds like a fascinating book. Will look into it.

Before I took LSD for the first time, the friend who hipped me lent me some books so I could read about the effects. I also got out my mom’s old paperback copy of The Drug Experience, edited by David Ebin. The books that were lent to me were very good, but TDE was the one I loved. I re-read it so many times it fell apart, and I eventually had to find a replacement copy. It is an anthology of intelligent writings about diverse drugs, written by a diverse group of people: Baudelaire, William S. Burroughs (credited as William Lee), Allen Ginsberg, Jean Cocteau, Billie Holiday, Aldous Huxley, etc etc etc. I most ahem highly recco that book.


The first time I did mushrooms was at a camping music festival with friends. Highlights were:

  • The tall grass surrounding us formed into creatures resembling the love children of H. R. Giger and H. R. Puffinstuff
  • The stars on this cloudless night appeared to be at different distances from earth (instead of being just lights on the dome of the sky)
  • I could see the “layers” in my friends’ faces, i.e. I could see the skull or muscle layers when they spoke to me

All in all a lovely, trippy experience.

(Although I do understand how some people could have a “bad” trip as in: "GAAAAAAAA! H. R.Puffinstuff creatures! AAAAAAAAA!)


Thanks for the additional recommendation!
You might also like:

I read it ages ago when I was more, erm, experimental. It includes the chemical reactions that each drug causes, and then at least one positive and one negative account from a regular person who used said drug. Some are pulled from historical texts and others are just, “some guy who used to work at a veterinarian clinic” (Special K). I haven’t re-read it, but I recall it being quite engaging.


If only I had the time. That being said, I’m not entirely sure I have the emotional capacity to reenter the maelstrom and come back out the other side with my sanity intact.

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You can also visit the Experience Vault at (No one-box for this link)


H.R. used to freak me out as a kid. A very evocative opening credit sequence about going down the rabbit hole.

Did Jimmy every make it back or are these all just his imaginings while rocking back and forth in a padded cell?


Stuck at the threshold of a Del Taco because the floor tile changed to a different color, wondering if the “other side” was a multiverse controlled by burrito-beings. Man that was great acid.


I lived in downtown Wilmington, NC for that portion of my misspent youth. One evening we were wandering along the waterfront, having a grand old time, just loving life. One of us noticed that there seemed to be a few cop cars in the parking lot we were walking through. In fact, as we looked around, it seemed to be nothing but cop cars, with no two from the same jurisdiction. Actually, they weren’t just cop cars, they were all canine units. And as it was a fairly cool evening, not all of them were devoid of canines. Ya wanna talk paranoid fear? We had it then and there, I’ll tell you what, in the parking lot of the Hilton Riverside during that police dog handler conference.

Another evening we cut down an alley that led out onto Front Street on the opposite end of downtown, about a dozen blocks south. I remember thinking that, even accounting for all the LSD in my face, Front Street seemed to have a lot more neon lighting than I recall. And what’s with all the old cars and this light is so bright and someone chopped down all the parking meters and we’re walking right through their shot try to act inconspicuous don’t look at the camera just keep going nobody is saying anything holy shit it worked. Anybody here seen the movie Empire Records, and if so, am I in it?

ETA: After reading the synopsis of that movie, I doubt that was it. What we walked through was a period piece set in the 50s, hence the neon and older cars. This whole time I’d thought Empire Records must have been set in that era, but apparently not. Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?


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