True Detective Season 2 trailer: new cast, and a moody murder tale starring Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn


Doesn’t look very smiley.

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There’s some world-class glowering going on there: Colin Farrell’s moustache and eyebrows deserve their own listing in the credits.

And it turns out a flak jacket is a remarkably hot look for Rachel McAdams.

But there’s not much indication of what the plot might be: just a lot of sombre walking around and meaningful looks against dark & moody backgrounds.

Nice to see Farrell rocking a grizzled variation of his much maligned Sonny Crockett look in MIAMI VICE. My anticipation for this is tempered by the fact that the first season came SO close to all-time classic status, and then threw it all away in a patently unsatisfactory last episode of hackneyed Southern Gothic camp, generic serial killer resolution, and emotionally cathartic candy-floss.

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