Trump, 1992: “I love getting even with people”


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You realize, I’m sure that “an eye for an eye” is not a sanction for revenge, let alone a commandment. It is a limit to revenge. If somebody pokes out your eye, you can’t go kill them, at least if you’re a religious Jew.


President Trump isn’t “an eye for an eye” kind of guy, he’s more “an eye for a nay”.


I posted this before, and I’m posting it again:

"He told me he was going to spend the rest of his life destroying these five people," Mr Branson continues, before adding that he found the event “bizarre”.


No you can just poke out their eye. Are you supporting this?


As the disloyal people are almost all Republicans, this is more a popcorn-munching-looking-at-the-screen moment than a march-in-the-streets moment.


Who are the 5!!! also, man, sites that leave up their “latest polling” promo graphics from before the election are a real cold bummer sandwich.


He’s simply pointing out the misapplication of biblical text that is against the escalation of violence, and is in fact part of the basis for civic legal standards that offer the chance of resolution between disputing groups without resorting to murder.


Ummmm, this was 24 years ago. Although I don’t believe he has changed in any way, this is still a wee bit out of date.



What an amateur! No subtlety.

He needs to review the complete works of the master. Richard Nixon’s “enemies list” continues to set the standard for vindictive excellence,

If Trump doesn’t shape up he’s going to be a big disappointment to his base.


Actually, some Rabbis will argue that “an eye for an eye, etc.” is only meant to apply to tort and not criminal law.


Speaks to his character, and there are more recent things he’s said and others said about him that support a similar view. This is just one more bit of evidence, if you will.


Another, better indicator may be found in the political histories of the insiders he’s tapping for cabinet lead-in positions on his transition team. Most of the high profile ‘names’ operate the same way. Guiliani, Christie (very much so), Bannon, and possibly others have favored the payback mode of doing business through much of their careers.

Hirings, firings, and the distribution of choice bits of authority will flow through these guys.


Make Trump regret those words.


I think we will regret not knowing he was this kind of guy earlier.


I heard if someone took out your eye you had to give them a narrow passageway in Jerusalem that it was difficult to get a camel through.



Okay, I’m outta here.

I’m not offended. I just don’t think anything posted in future is going to top that.


Politicians and business types are always “getting even” with people who have crossed them. The only difference is that they are seldom as loud-mouthed as Trump. Trump is a cretin and an embarrassment, but depicting him with bleeding eyes only serves to make you look juvenile.


That’s an excuse that won’t fly. We life in the Information Age - everything you want to know is just a few taps away. Trump wasn’t/isn’t exactly shy about his opinions about basically everything.