Trump administration is contemplating nationalizing the 5g infrastructure, but Ajit Pai is staunchly opposed


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As much as I’d like to see a public 5GB infrastructure there’s just too much potential for abuse and surveillance. I’d rather that the Feds set (open and transparent) standards for security and performance and interoperability and then provide funding to counties and municipalities to implement the 5G networks, control them, and rent out access to the telcos (not just Pai’s beloved cronies) on a local basis.





The irony is beautiful. Nationalize (like communist China) to protect against China. Love it. :joy:





I confess I don’t know how I feel about this plan. If President Bernie Sanders or President Elizabeth Warren were proposing it, I think I’d be much more favorable to it



Sounds like socialism.


No doubt there’s a small company in Whitefish, MT drafting a proposal as we speak…


Also, who will build the needed kit, aka the magic boxen with the blinkenlights?
Most of this stuff may be designed in the US or Europe, but is made in China.


The thing I like about standards is there are so many different ones to choose from.



… or 2020, right? 2024 is the absolute last possible moment that the Gold-Plated Orange Tyrant could remain in office. Are we giving up on the very idea of just not electing him for a second term?


I’m sure a nationalized 5G network will serve the public interest exactly as well as a national airport security system has: zero accountability, no one every gets fired, and operating without either market constraints or the ability to overcome the inertia of institutional self-protection which rules above all other concerns.


As for any protections we may receive on 1st Amendment grounds, remember that the government is pretty awful about violating any and all of the Bill of Rights. I don’t buy for a moment that this time will be different.


It was pretty ludicrous that The High Cheeto got elected in the first place, and I don’t think we’ve yet scraped the bottom of the barrel of bad ideas.


I legit stopped taking it all seriously once Palin was on a ticket.


Community owned co-operatives sound like the best option, although it would depend on the details of how it will be run.


I’ve always had this vibe that some of the CCP are secretly Nick Land fans (therefore accelerationists). XD