Trump signs a 5G wireless network spectrum strategy order

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Oh heavens, not public ownership of fucking public assets.
It’s gotta be privately owned and managed, otherwise it’s evil, awful socialism.


Because god forbid that Trump would ever let even one single thing accomplished by Obama to remain standing. Have to get every last one of those brown person cooties out of the sacred halls of White government.

If Trump could, he’d pull a Qin Shi Huang or Henry VIII and have every single record of Obama’s existence taken out back and burned.


You’re taking this wrong. It’s essential that the industry do the right thing, no matter how many tries it takes. All of the previous work was worthless, which is obvious given the total lack of proper authority that kicked the whole show off. Not to mention the complete lack of baksheesh.

So, it’s back to the start and redraft all of the documents with appropriate acknowledgement to the Glorious Leadership of Our Ultimate Stable Genius.

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