Trump administration is contemplating nationalizing the 5g infrastructure, but Ajit Pai is staunchly opposed

It might be because the USA doesn’t have a proper safety valve for protest voters who vote for the most insane option possible.

Lord Sutch knew what to do.


LOL, what a bunch of neoliberals. Block grants and privatisation as far as the eye can see! Where’s your faith in the state to administer public goods, comrades?

Careful Ajit! You know what happens to little trumpkins who oppose the Liar in Chief… oh wait, that would be a good thing.

Go get him Ajit! Make a big spectacle of yourself. Call him a dumbass. Criticize his tiny hands.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. When you get canned we will raise a stink and create a website to take comments. Then we will completely fucking ignore anything that doesn’t agree with our viewpoint.

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