Trump also fired another watchdog investigating Elaine Chao, wife of Mitch McConnell

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Ok. I’m getting close to pitchfork time. Frankenstein might be orange this time, but this presidency needs to end.


I’ve kept my guillotine in storage for just such an occasion


apologies in advance for the language but SO FUCKING DIRTY. EVERY LAST ONE OF THOSE FUCKERS.


There is a misconception floating around that McConnell is somehow a guy who is using Trump to push the Republican agenda while at the same time is trying to keep him under control. I think both of them are the same - vile, terrible, useless human beings. They both need to go in November, so that this country can start licking its very deep wounds and slowly recover.


The first year of the next presidency are just going to have to be a police procedural. There is so much to unearth and these people are horrifyingly bad at covering their tracks.

This is one of the things that is most frustrating about the concept of presidential decorum. The really bad one do whatever the fuck they want (Watergate, Iran-Contra, falsified WMD intel and just about everything trump has done) while their successors just continue to encourage us to move on or unify as a nation. Fuck that shit! I’m sick of this and want prosecutions! Then I want Congress and the White House to coordinate iron-clad oversight and restrictions on executive power. If it’s not done right away, it falls down the memory hole and we end up with good presidents justifying extrajudicial murder of US citizens. Enough already!



“Will nobody rid us of this meddlesome administration?”

Or maybe the first year after Trump’s next term, depending on how this shit show shakes out.

All I know is if it flips to Democratic and nothing is done, then the foxes are still in the hen house.


Incoming presidents have to realize that prosecuting an outgoing president sets a precedent. Which will inevitably be used as a political tool, once there is a POC demonstrated.


This is one of those cases where the coverup going to generate more trouble for them than the crime(s)… Chao probably could have weathered the inspection for the Boone County DOT grant. Politico gives a description of what that’s all about.

As someone who lives near and uses the roads this grant is for, I can tell you the upgrades were needed, though (as the article notes), it may not have rated as highly as other applicants. But because of the lax controls, some extending back before Trump, and a tradition of decisions be based on personal judgements, the most likely outcome of the investigation would have been some slaps on the wrists and recommendations for improvements. Sad, but likely.

So either they were stupid to get rid of this IG … or there might be something else that they don’t want anyone digging into. Or both.


I agree with you there. Go visit some Qanon following YouTube channels sometime. These people are constantly making wild accusations against their political opponents and are absolutely shocked and angry that Obama, Hillary and Biden aren’t in Guantanamo Bay awaiting execution. As much as I dislike Trump, many of his supporters are even worse. The fact still remains that Trump realistically has about even odds of reelection.


Maybe not quite what Thomas Jefferson had in mind when he said “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. it is it’s natural manure.” But it may very well be the case this fall.

Just as they realize that limiting executive powers during their term impacts them. Bullshit cynicism wrapped up in a veil of propriety. And all are guilty.

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Henry Ford said “History is bunk”. His point was that he doesn’t care about what history says about him, he will be long dead. Trump, McConnell, most of the Republican party are the same kind of people. Threaten them with how they will look to future generations and they could NOT care less. They are getting theirs now. And that’s all that matters to them. They are big shots with deep, deep pockets that will fund literal armies of lawyers. They know that they will never go to jail. They don’t care about their kids unless the kids can help them somehow. They don’t care about anyone except #1.

Adequately terrible words to describe these people do not exist. They laugh at words.


Holding corrupt presidents to account also sets a precedent, and it is one that we desperately need.


This Impeached President is not fulfilling the one campaign promise I could get behind. He said he was going to drain the swamp that is Washington DC political corruption. Instead he has systematically been making it easier and easier for the swamp to get murkier and much more blatant.

Don’t forget to Vote in November fellow US citizens.

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