Trump asks why America should accept immigrants from 'shithole countries,' instead of white ones


Why would people from Norway want to immigrate to the US? I’m sure they consider us a shithole country.


“When Norway sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re bringing berserkers. They’re bringing raiding parties. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”


First: the alleged President needs to define “shithole country”. By what standards does he make his determination?

Second: I guess all the stories of “white people” exploiting African countries, raping their natural resources, supporting their oppressive regimes and leaving the populace in poverty are fiction?


Norway actually has healthcare and longer lifespans. So…yay 'murica!


I’m still surprised that anyone still buys the fiction that the US is still a great place to immigrate to, or even find asylum.


Hundreds of years of propaganda is hard to overcome.


I KNEW his hair was some sort of space parasite, slowly eating his brains.


Holy Shit. Everyone needs to post this to Twitter.


If I didn’t already live here, I probably wouldn’t.



I didn’t know McDonalds and KFC were 3 star affairs.

I guess those countries aren’t tacky enough for him - not enough gold leaf.


One fact that is substantially under-recognised in the narrative of America as a refuge:

The USA is the only place that is (usually) safe from the American war machine.


Quite a statement from a POS who recent announced that he is “like, a very stable genius” Remarks like this from any decent human being would finish a career. Unfortunately it won’t faze this swine, it’s doubtful that he can even figure out what people are upset about. I do hope this grinds the guts of every sanctimonious rightwing strategist in the country. Although they’ll agree with the sentiment they might be able to recognize how vile it sounds to decent people. I know it won’t affect his base either because this is what they wanted for a president,someone as hate-filled ignorant as they are themselves. How did this nation end-up so fucking low-life wretched?


True only in that he probably won’t send in armed troops to blue states but he’ll sure wage a policy war on such states.


I love the preface. It’ll be interesting to see if his approval rating gets worse or better after this.



This deserves a repost.


I wholeheartedly endorse Puerto Rican emigration to major GOP strongholds to turn them blue.

The Pigf–ker In Chief is letting a US territory of 3 million people into a tropical Mad Max movie. A little payback is in order.


Not sure which diagnosis applies best. Latter, I think. The worst behaved person I know – a drunk crackhead lying petty thief braggart – has more empathy and social tact than DT.

"Psychosis is an umbrella term to describe the mental state of losing touch with reality. A number of things can cause psychosis, from schizophrenia to depression to sleep deprivation.

Psychopathy, is a personality disorder which consists of a lack of empathy, impulsivity, recklessness, scrupulousness, callousness, and lying."


If trump isn’t a narcissistic sociopath I’ll eat his red maga hat.