Trump-backed election denier wins Michigan primary thanks to Democrats

I may not agree with the Democrats’ strategy here but allowing the Republican to win out of spite would be absolutely insane.


You misspelled Republicans… /s

As long as the electoral system is as it is, we have a two party system, which means voting in fascists right now, if you don’t vote for the Democrats. :woman_shrugging: If you’d like anything about that to change, then you got to vote the GOP out of office. they need to be sent a strong message that their acceptance of white supremacy (and other forms of bigotry) and authoritarianism is not acceptable. At all. Until that is fixed, voting for a third party does nothing to help the problem.

This is NOT 1999… it’s 2022 and post attempted coup.


I’ve never been a registered Democrat or Republican and have never voted in a primary until this year. I lean mid-left politically but registered for the Republican primary (as my state requires me to pick sides). I voted for the Republican candidates on the ballet in positions where there were candidates who didn’t embrace the “Big Lie”. Where all the Republican candidates were anti-democratic MAGA a-holes, I voted for the wildest loons in hope that they would be defeated by reasonable voters in the main elections.

The point is that real elections aren’t happening in America anymore. Republicans have been gaming the system since the late 90’s and we are at a critical juncture. Playing fair isn’t part of the game anymore. If you want to play fair when your opponent will win at all costs, and the stakes are eventual political purges and fascism, then do what you need to do within the rules now. If you don’t, 5 years from now there will be no rules.

That, along with the Dems supporting the nutball fascist GQP candidate in a primary, is a dangerous gamble in a political atmosphere where at least 27% of the electorate (more than half of the Republican electorate) has shown itself gleefully willing to vote for the wildest loon. Even more risky considering the almost institutionalised amount of Republican cheating in general elections.

As @Mindysan33 just noted, it’s 2022. No-one can afford to play these games anymore. We’re stuck with a duopoly system and one of the parties is in thrall to death cultists due to its own failings. The only course for a reasonable person who values liberal democracy now is to vote for the Dem candidate, even if one has to hold one’s nose and even if the party establishment continues making tone-deaf moves like this.

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Wild this keeps getting asked even now


That phrase only comes from a place of privilege, often blind privilege.


Assumes facts not in evidence.