Trump campaign "purges" Brad Parscale after hospitalization

I – I never know no Trump. I have my own family, Senator. I don’t know nothin’ about that. Oh! I was in the olive oil business with his father, but that was a long time ago. That’s all.

Look, the FBI guys, they promised me a deal. So, so I made up a lot of stuff 'cause that’s what they wanted.

But – But it was all lies. Uh…everything!

They kept saying Donald Trump did this and Donald Trump did that. So, I said, “Yeah, sure.” Why not?


The writing in this reality show (Season 5 of “The Best People”), gets worse and worse. Haven’t they done the “Campaign Director/Advisor/Manager is a crime figure” before? I mean, this one is more of an homage to “Cops”, while Roger Stone was a nod to 1960’s Batman villains, Bannon was a Bond Villain, and Cohen and Manafort were caricatures of American and Russian mob figures. They started that whole sub-plot about how his NSA, Flynn, was a spy working for Turkey while NSA, and instead of being imprisoned indefinitely for espionage, they actually talk about bringing him back as a character. Very unbelievable.


He probably wasn’t fired to keep him quiet, or to try to distance themselves from him, or because he stole, he was fired because he didn’t give Trump a cut. He’ll just be another of the cast of thousands of disgruntled former employees who can now be regarded as fake news. The investigation won’t get very far before the election, and if he gets the reins of power for another four years, Trump will remain untouchable.


Taking a job as “Trump Campaign Manager” is kind of like teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts. No one holds the position for very long and it never ends well for those who do.


The guy couldn’t handle the stress. It’s not easy working three jobs to feed your kids all the while worrying about your health because you have no insurance. Oh wait, I was thinking about someone else. This is the guy who was hanging out with his wife drinking by the pool and broke under the pressure?


Loyalty? They’re not the smartest people.


Time for another “prison suicide.” (/s) Seriously, though, should that happen you would really have to start thinking.


Or a Spinal Tap drummer.


When they make a movie of the Trump Administration, this will be an excerpt of the credits:

Paul Manafort - Sean Bean
Michael Cohen - Sean Bean
Steve Bannon - Sean Bean
Brad Parscale - Sean Bean


I thought “cancel culture” was supposed to be the end of civilization or some stupid shit like that?


Cancelling for minor peccadilloes like rape, sexual assault, insider trading, or treason is wrong. Very unfair. The only crime in Trumpworld is disloyalty to the Donald.


Brad Pascale is an anagram of Bad Rep Rascal


Sean Bean lived to the end in the Sharpe Series.
Sal Mineo however never made it to the end credits of a single film he was in.


Man, if I stole $40m you’d never hear from me again. But seriously, I hope he is OK and finds some help. So that he can serve a reduced sentence after squealing on other criminals in the Trump campaign.


I think it’s more “There is no investigation, no audit, and there never was.” that I am aware of

Given that the Federal Election Commission may need at times to investigate the campaigns of people with the power to stop those investigations if they knew about them (the President, or in this case the Occupant of the Oval Office), I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a few people who could do an undercover investigation of those campaigns.


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Yeah, I’m pretty sure that Sean Bean used up all of his characters’ survivability with the Sharpe series. That’s why his subsequent characters never see the end of an episode/movie.

I mean, as much as I loved it, they really pushed the limits of suspension of disbelief when Sharpe wades through a battlefield delivering minor injuries that completely incapacitate his foes while getting shot multiple times and cut to ribbons but still in fighting shape to save the day.



The blame for that lies entirely with the author of the book series, Bernard Cornwell. It got worse when he started to do prequels and put Sharpe at Trafalgar.


Seriously. That would more than cover a faked funeral/burial, new identity, and a move to a private island. The world is never enough with these clowns.


I’m past giving them the benefit of the doubt. Assume they are straight up lying, because they usually are. I trust a Trump organization spokesman about as much as Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf.