Trump CDC tells states to get ready for COVID-19 vaccine by November 1 — just two days before the election

I think it would have to be deaths in almost every household at this point. They simply don’t believe anyone healthy is dying from it, and they think those that aren’t healthy are dying of whatever problems they had. They would have to see the bodies with their own eyes.

The numbers required to affect that belief now would be beyond horrific.


I am under the impression that the “Trump CDC” does not understand the difference between “vaccine” and “disinfectant”.


is the phrase “herd immunity” canceled yet



Political considerations should not prevent well established testing protocols. My President’s shadow army would have to drag me in kicking and screaming before I’d take an unproven vaccine.

People who fall for this should try Oleandrin between shots. After All Mike Lindell (The My Pillow Guy) swears by it. What can it hurt? as my President has famously said in the past. /s


I don’t see Trump getting much out of this. I doubt a vaccine will even be released by then, and even if it were, whose mind is it supposed to change? It wouldn’t make anyone sane trust him or overlook his hundreds to thousands of crimes, and am I supposed to believe his base actually care about a vaccine when they’re protesting masks and saying we should just let it run its course (that is, when they’re not saying it’s a Democratic hoax)?


Let’s hope not. I would hate to lose another useful phrase to misuse by Trump and his followers.


The Trump household, every Christmas:

The Donald: You should all prepare for me to distribute presents on Christmas.

Trump children wait eagerly, on best behavior. Christmas morning arrives - no presents.

Don-don: Hey, where are the presents? We’ve been really good.

The Donald: Shaddap you little pissant. I didn’t say you’d get presents, just that you should prepare for them. Now geddoutta my sight and prepare to inherit my big, beautiful business empire.


It’s a stunt. The point is that he’s focused attention on the election date itself. Psychologically, there is further reinforcement to vote Trump “in exchange for” the cure. If the CDC had set the date as Dec 1 or Jan 1, it wouldn’t have the same immediacy. (Any date after Nov 1 is unimportant to Trump: why would he care about a vaccine if he doesn’t win the election?)

I’m only surprised he didn’t make the CDC set the date as Nov 3.


Wonder if it’s actually just saline. Or, as he once suggested, a really strong flu vaccine. The ironic thing is I know RW idiots who’ve been telling me that the democrats are the ones who’ve been making a big thing out of covid, and that the topic will go away because we’ll stop posturing and making it a big deal in November, just as soon as the election is over.

ETA: Or, he knows there won’t be a vaccine, but on Nov 1, when none is forthcoming, he’ll talk about the lovely vaccine he’d like to give you, but “they” aren’t letting me do it, because they hate America, so vote me in, and we’ll round them up in camps.


These are the same statement made twice. No idea who this person is but clearly they are a fuckwit.

(And discourse led me to seem like I was quoting Xeni - I am not - I am quoting the fuckwit who twatted that idiocy in the first place)


Maybe I should be buying shares in bleach manufacturers.



Let’s all try to think of a better way for Vladimir Putin to attack the United States than by working with the Trump administration to issue a last-minute/before the election… and poisoned… Covid vaccine.

A true “October Surprise” from the people that brought you drinking bleach and shining light up your ass as a “true” cure.

Arm-Barer? Beware!


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We need to be very careful about snap assumptions and using the word “poison” and things like that.

It is going to be a huge problem getting people to take the vaccine when one is finally completed. The more we badmouth it, the more we help the anti-vaxxers negate the effort later.

I am dubious about this, but not because I think they will rush out something that will hurt people. I think he is just misleading people into thinking it will be here sooner than it will. It’s not a coincidence they chose right before election day.



In all matters of “trust”… we must always consider the source.

And in this case, the source is a lying sack of sh_t “president” who is already responsible for the reckless endangerment – and deaths! – of over 180,000 Americans!

And as for the CDC? It is now completely in the hands of the monsters this same lying sack of sh_t hired!

I wouldn’t trust the Trumps if they said Good Morning!



No, Trump and the CDC don’t create the vaccine. A pharmaceutical company creates the vaccine, and it would be suicide for them to release something that was potentially dangerous.

It would most certainly go the total opposite direction and just not be effective. If we sit around and talk about people being “poisoned”, people won’t take the vaccine, and that is a worst case scenario. We are already facing HUGE resistance from QAnon people and Anti-vaxxers.

A vaccine isn’t really intended to help individuals, believe it or not. You need a percentage of the population to take it to create buffers between people so that it doesn’t spread. That is the only way it is effective. If three people out of four in a room are vaccinated, then the one person’s illness doesn’t leave with them.

I would just suggest we stop acting like taking the vaccine would be a bad choice. It’s really the only choice if this is ever going to end.


This is the goal.



Just so you know, I and my entire family are all completely up-to-date on all our inoculations.

Because they were researched, tested, and recommended by people and organizations that I trust.

Currently… the simple fact is that the Trump administration LIES! About all matters, great and small!

The organizations hired to develop Covid vaccines?
They were all chosen by the Trumps.

CDC officials who cautioned about this? Fired!

So… if you want to “trust” the Trumps to tell you what to eat, drink, or shoot up?

Good luck to you. I hope it works out for you.

And, by the way, as has been noted elsewhere… any dangers from a hastily and haphazardly developed just-before-the-election-hero Covid vaccine? Would come… long after the election was settled.



“or simply to hype that one is possible — before Election Day on Nov. 3.”

Why bullshit when you can phrase what is undeniably plausible in an unknown amount of time as something you are totally responsible for, right around the corner, as long as you stay in power?


Well, I, and millions like me, will have no choice. Those of us that work in hospitals and the healthcare industry as a whole will have to take it, or leave our jobs.

Other people are within their rights not to take it, but every person who doesn’t is that much less buffer to stop the spread of the disease. It is irresponsible to dissuade people from taking something that hasn’t even been produced yet. We don’t know if it will be rushed, we don’t know that it won’t be tested enough.

But if we go around saying that any Trump/CDC vaccine will be poison, that will stay in people’s minds, and make it that much harder to get people to vaccinate. Choose for yourself, but don’t dissuade other people against it. It is irresponsible, months before we even have it.

Millions of lives are on the line, and I wouldn’t want to be on the anti-vaxxer side.


Every time you think he can’t go lower, he does.