Trump disagrees with every position held by Trump


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I think there’s, if anything, too much compilation of contradiction in the piece. It reaches a saturation point; instead of outrage, the reaction is “That’s just Donald!” Plus, there are a lot of “old” issues that have already been seen and rationalized/normalized away.

Better, I think, to focus on one greatly outrageous thing (his attacking Judge Muriel for “being Mexican,” or his attacks on the deceased Captain Khan’s mother). And don’t make it cute (that music is terrible). Don’t make it a joke. The tone should be: This is serious. This guy is an election away from the Presidency.

There are some decent, not-completely-partisan conservatives who can yet be shamed out of voting for this maniac.


Nice use of Rossini’s “The Thieving Magpie”, though they should have let it build to the crescendo.


This is interesting, but I imagine it is just preaching to the choir. The ardent Trump supporters don’t care… they don’t… they just see the election of Trump as giving them free reign to say whatever they want, care only about themselves, and screw everyone else…

Oh, and protect their white privilege…


Hey, opinions change over time.
His mind has matured. :slight_smile:


Like a fine whine.


Enjoy this remarkable montage

It’s puke worthy at best.


I wish they’d annotated every video clip with specific dates. There’s nothing wrong with politicians changing their minds. The issue with Trump is he changes his as often as he changes ties.


Indeed, there is nothing wrong and many things right with a politician changing their mind. There is something wrong however with denying they ever held, or even commented on the original position. It’s not that he changes his mind, quickly or slowly; it’s that he denies he changed it and (usually) presents no rationale for the change.


Yea, but you know that “rationale” sounds like so much tl;dr to a lot of voters, and when the GOP can shout “flip-flop!” guess what leads on the evening news?


He says what everyone else is thinking but won’t say out loud!

And then the opposite of that.


Like a fine white whine.


Trump has ALWAYS been at war with Eastasia!


These are by no means all contradictions (even allowing for time). Many of them are corollaries, with an “I don’t care” ensuite.


In fact, I think this helps him. He’s like a contradictory, vague religious text - whatever your position, he will, at some point, either have agreed with it, or said something inscrutable enough that you can project your position onto him, if you’re so inclined.

To some degree, this all assumes that Trump actually held a particular position to begin with. Given that he’ll state contradictory positions within the same speech, he either doesn’t realize they’re contradictory (because he doesn’t know enough), or he doesn’t care - he’s in his usual “bullshit mode” where he says whatever he needs to say to achieve his goals, but doesn’t see his words as having any connection to reality (and he expects other people to see that, too, to some degree). Even on the rare occasion when he doesn’t contradict himself, you still don’t know that’s a “position” that he “holds.” Reality is not his concern.


It would be interesting to compare what a politician says in public and compare it with what they says in private or in email, eh.

If only there was some email or recordings lying around somewhere…


You’re right, one of my unconscious tenets was that he actually held a position at some point. It would be a brilliant strategy, be vague and contradictory enough to appeal to anyone, but I think you are also right that much of this is “bullshit mode”.


Yeah, I think his bullshit mode is very much (accidentally) working for him - because people were primed to be inclined to buy into him (thanks to the personality that’s been created around him, created by other people).


I hadn’t realized he agrees with everything I believe in. I will now vote for him.

Edit: I hadn’t realized he disagrees with everything I believe in. I will not vote for him.

Edit: I hadn’t realized he agrees with everything I believe in. I will now vote for him.

Edit: I hadn’t realized he disagrees with everything I believe in. I will not vote for him.

Edit: F*** it. What’s on TV?