Even Gingrich is criticizing Trump: "He doesn't want to take responsibility"


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One colossal ass hat is criticizing another colossal ass hat for being an ass hat. Can’t wait for Trump to reply with an attack about Newt’s wives…


I saw this and couldn’t believe it. Still don’t. Nope. Not going to cheer this asshole. Fuck him for breaking politics in the first place. He’s one of the key reasons we are in this shit hole of politics today.

Pissing me off he is.

Happy Friday I’m having a margarita! FUCK NEWT.



I’m not cheering Newt, either, but pretend there’s a guy eating a lot of popcorn right here–>


Or, one could just say that Washington outsiders don’t know how to play the Washington game.


I want all this GOP bullshit to stop taking its time and just implode already.


I don’t think we can say it’s truly started until we start hearing rhetoric from Republicans to the tune of, “I said all those months ago that Trump was a problem…”.

Which conveniently there was a lot of that during the primaries which they can fall back on. But they haven’t yet, which means they’re still trying to wrangle the bull instead of distancing themselves from it.


Ew, no.

No praise for Gringrich from me either, but it’s cold comfort to watch the GOP turn on one another.


Newt has been a lying, conniving sack my entire life and I’m ready for people to stop interviewing him.
Actually, maybe it’s more accurate to say he’s been a lying, conniving sack for his entire life.


The correct advice for such as Newt is always: he can go fuck himself.

Even the worm will turn. (Shakespeare, the XKCD of palace intrigue.)

It’s pretty damn rich to hear Newt criticize someone for dodging responsibility, but if he thinks Trump will ever stop passing the buck, then Newt is even more deluded than I gave him credit for, and that’s really saying something.


Until the Dems get their act together, what else gives us comfort?


I won’t hold my breath.

At this point, I kinda hate both parties equally and wish there was a way to separate money from politics completely.

In my ideal world, no one making over $250K/year would be allowed to be in charge of anything, and most political offices would circulate on a yearly basis to keep anyone from getting too comfortable with having power. Maybe make it mandatory for most sane, able-bodied citizens, along with an enforced ‘vow of poverty’ while in office.

Donald Trump will not condemn the terrorist attacks on anti-Nazi protestors

When asked if Trump has a strategy, Gingrich replied:

"I don’t think there is one…I think the President has his instinct for being aggressive and he’s unhappy, but he also he doesn’t want to take responsibility.

I’d be ok if this was purely true for Trump’s approach to domestic politics, given how self-defeating it is, but unfortunately this is also his approach to Korea. I’m going to be pretty fucking pissed if he starts WWIII because he’s unhappy and literally has no idea what to do other than get angry in response to a problem.

Not with one own’s body part, obviously, or even someone else’s dick, but like a cactus. Sideways.


Hey, I’m right there with you.


You’re still being far too kind.

Here’s a better idea:

After being soaked in salt water and then left out in the sun for a year or two, of course.

With this as a “lubricant”:

Elon Musk gave assistant 2-week test when she asked for raise, and she failed

Don’t forget to add salt and lemon juice for, uh…stimulation!


I wholly approve but still…




Yeah, I know; my ‘dark side’ scares me too, sometimes.


You might enjoy the story arc in the Walking Dead comic about the Governor and how Michonne gets her revenge.