Even Gingrich is criticizing Trump: "He doesn't want to take responsibility"




thanks papasan, I didn’t need to sleep at all for the next week or nothing


Freaky, I know…


I quit watching TWD in the first season during the hiatus (too much time to consider all the flaws & inconsistencies) and I never looked back; but I’m not adverse to reading the comic.

By all accounts, Michonne is a BAMF, in both the series and the graphic novel.


Absolutely! All the likes. The Gingrich era truly began this whole horrible timeline.


That she is. The governer got off light in the show. Real light.


I’ll check out the graphic novel; thanks.


Anybody who has been paying any attention to Trump the last 30 years would know he’s a blustering, buck-passing con-artist.

If Newt was really concerned about the Republican brand he would have denounced Trump before and after the GOP primary, because it was totally freaking predictable that this candidate would be a disaster for country in general and his party in particular.




It puzzles me that anyone even cares what Gingrich thinks.
Why is his opinion important on any given topic?


IMO, the degredation in American politics began in the 1960 Presidential election, where Television first exerted it’s horrible influence. Then Nixon’s paranoia in the 1970s, and the rise of Rush Limbaugh and his clones in the 1980s, finally we got Fox News and New Gingrich and it all leads inexorably toward President Donald Trump. Or has Hari Kondibolu said on The Bugle, “We had a black President for the last 8 years, and now we all have to die.”


“You could argue he’s the leader of the team.”

Yes one might perhaps say that mightn’t one?
The tentative tone to describe the objective fuckin reality…amazing.


Naturally the newt is worried more about the repugnican party than the country, about which he could give jack shit. Christ what an asshole etc.


There is no honor among thieves. Or political trolls, apparently.


I think it’s more like there’s no sense among political trolls.

At some point people are just going to have to realize that the “Trump haters” include a substantial number of “Trump objective assessors.” If Gingrich didn’t realize Trump never took responsibility for anything before now then it’s because he was too blinded by a desire to win to pay attention.


One could even say that Gingrich isn’t taking responsibility for his support of Trump, who in turn, doesn’t take responsibility. At all.


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