Trump endorses letting states decide on pot. Will he move to decriminalize marijuana?


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Let me be the first to say Holy Crap!



This makes me feel nothing, because nothing 45 says ever means anything.

He could easily change whatever passes for his mind at the drop of a hat…


As with the TPP seemingly…


Perfect example; just one of many out there…


“Sen Cory Gardner says President Trump has promised to support legislation protecting state marijuana industries from prosecution.”

“but… he promised!

Would this fall under smoke, or mirrors? I think smoke would be more poetic.


Today is Friday, the day they dump terrible news in hopes of no one noticing. What real news are they trying to distract the public from?


Trump says all sorts of words. He takes some quite unexpected - startling, even - positions, sometimes for hours at a time!

Yeah, this. Sure, he said it, but he might say something completely different almost immediately. If the White House “clarifies” his statement (to mean the opposite of what he said) soon, that’ll be an indication. (Or not, given how often official White House statements gets contradicted days/weeks later.)

In that case, someone seems to have been able to actually explain to him what it is, finally. Now he knows it isn’t a trade deal with China. Of course, we can’t actually trust anything he says about it now, either. (Given that he’s mostly impervious to facts, I’m still amazed that someone was able to educate him and he accepted the reality.)

Oh boy, just like he promised to support (hell, demanded!) gun control and DACA - you know he means… something!

There’s a reason why it seems like - and this seems the only sane approach - the rest of the world is now increasingly just ignoring Trump, not bothering to do any kind of deals with him or his appointed representatives, because they know nothing he says means anything and he could reverse his position after making agreements, and anything he says or does is likely to be reversed the minute he’s out of office.


Oh man, fingers crossed so hard my knuckles are splitting. I wish we could take a mulligan for the last couple of years.


I am leaning toward agreement with those who suggest that this is just a petty way of taking out his anger on Sessions. I hope something comes of it anyway.


So we now need Mueller or Comey to come out and say all class A drug offences need the death penalty and the orange contrarian would want to decriminalise them? Is that how this works? (Notwithstanding his hard-on for the likes of Duterte.)


Trump cannot do anything if Sessions/DEA decide to crack down on marijuana. Nothing.

These are just a nice word salad so people of his base who smoke pot will blame that bad old Sessions and not him. The same way he tries to pretend he cares about DACA. And TPP. And victims of gun shootings. And…

“a commitment” from Pres. Trump that rescission of Obama-era guidance on state marijuana laws "will not impact Colorado’s legal marijuana industry.

The same way rescission of Obama-era DACA will have no effect on the undocumented. Does it really need to be said: if they didn’t intend to act, they wouldn’t rescind in the first place.


We should all remind Trump that Obama “didn’t have the guts to legalize weed” and he’ll deschedule it overnight


And even if he sticks with it and it happens, it’s nice that it happens, but no credit is due to the opportunistic mangolini at all.


Well, not quite. For instance, he rarely uses words with more than three syllables.


Probably the bombing of Syria, as we once again attack a sovereign nation who did nothing to harm our people.


Bullshit. He is only saying he would support the Cole memo so long as Senators from those states that have decriminalized/legalized/medical marijuana don’t oppose his judicial (and other cabinet) nominations. Newsflash! Sessions has already rescinded the Cole memo. This is more political dishonesty and you are falling for it. Again.


A flashing VCR is right twice a day.


Surely not!

“Thank you to the LGBT community! I will fight for you while Hillary brings in more people that will threaten your freedoms and beliefs.”


Give it a week and he will do a 180. Like he did with DACA.