Trump fined another $10k for breaching gag order as judge declares him an unreliable witness

I thought I heard someone on TV say that the questioning was a bit more involved than one question. Apparently, the judge asked how he typically references Michael Cohen (he typically refers to him in the press and on Truth Social as “Michael Cohen”). This is why the judge didn’t find his answers credible.


“Unreliable” is a word that can mean more than one thing. A client that doesn’t pay his bills consistently or a witness that can’t be trusted to get themselves to court on time could be unreliable.

“Not credible” is legalese for “this court does not deem this witness’ testimony compelling evidence of fact and will not accept it as such.”


There’s nothing worse for him in that regard than being forced to take the stand by a judge. It goes against everything his mentor Roy Cohn taught him. He’s in a courtroom as a defendant and he is not in control of the situation.

Or, put more bluntly, it’s a judge letting the witness know “you’re not fooling me with this BS. Keep it up and find out what happens.”


So have we finally reached FAFO???

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In the current atmosphere of MAGA terrorism and bad-faith conservativism, the judge will probably give him a few more warnings than most would get, but not much more. Trying to bully a member of a judge’s staff immediately puts one on a path to spending a weekend in the courthouse lock-up. I wouldn’t be surprised if the judge is already having private conversations with the Secret Service about how the arrangements will work.

What’s interesting to me here is how all the bullying and bluster outside the courtroom collapses into meek and sheepish lying when he’s on the stand. Cohn would already have wrested control from the judge and used this as an opportunity to harangue him; Biff, in contrast, has shown himself to be a childish coward who’s way out of his depth.


In other contexts it might also mean “this witness isn’t able to consistently distinguish between reality and imagination,” such as a young child or a person suffering from schizophrenia. In this case though she’s clearly calling Trump out as a liar.

I mean, if you’re going to lie in court then don’t lie about something the Judge just watched you do.


Isn’t this the 2nd time? 3rd time he needs a day in custody. $10K for him is nothing.


Yeah but, who’ll search his cavity.


He keeps complaining about not having a jury. At this point, I’m pretty sure he’s the only one who hasn’t worked out why that is.


The cavity where one would normally find honesty, integrity, courtesy and compassion?


It’s maddening, but it’s standard operating procedure…if you repeat a lie enough times, it becomes true. It grieves me to say it, but I can hardly blame him there, as it seems to work. Sad!


In ones butt?

He’s just going to keep on doing it. The money means nothing to him, he’s getting extremely special treatment because he’s a former president and he knows he can push the line much further than any normal person. If he does end up in jail he’ll just fund raise off of it.

He’s a truly awful and evil human being.


For the rich an insignificant fine is just a license to commit.


If there’s no statutory limits, the judge should just double it every time. It’ll stop being insignificant pretty quickly.


Is there any evidence he’s paying the fines or he’s just ignoring them like any other invoice he receives?


Judge gave him 30 days to fund raise pay. So, I guess we’ll see.


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