Trump first POTUS in 130 years to execute people after losing election

Caution: these linked stories include graphic descriptions of violent crimes.

The cruelty is the point.

Republicans love hurting people and seeing people hurt. Why wouldn’t someone like trump insist on killing as many people as possible? He’s already killed 300000 innocent people, what’s a few more worthless criminals?


Trump likes killing people. Just look at his glee in using the MOAB and his massacre in Yemen just a couple of months into his presidency. He luxuriates in it.


Liberals like spending money to help people. Conservatives and reactionaries like spending money to kill people. It’s like weenie-wagging with artillery.

I think he just doesn’t give a shit about people, but getting them killed makes him look strong, so BANG! Big Man! Not tiny fingers!


For some good news. SCOTUS to indicted Texas AG, “Drop dead”


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