Unprecedented: criminal president

Now that it seems more and more likely that the stars will align to illuminate Trump’s crimes, we are in an unprecedented situation - a standing president who has broken laws and been a criminal since his campaign and for the full duration of his presidency. I want to look past the resignation or impeachment and ask: What becomes of all his actions?

I believe that this unprecedented situation warrants unprecedented resolution. I believe that all Trumps presidential actions should be wiped - all is executive orders, all his appointments - VOIDED. And finally the veracity of the election must be brought into question and a new election called to fill out the remainder of Trumps term.

What are your thoughts?


I hope he gets hanged publicly.

That’s what you do to traitors.


Sounds great, and I’d love to see him clock out with a heart attack and buried where all who want to piss on his grave are free to do so. But, wishes ain’t fishes.


That this is far from an unprecedented situation.

Reagan came into office on the back of treacherous dealing with Iran. Ditto for Nixon and Vietnam.

All Presidents are criminal.


That would be nice, but it’s never gonna happen. Certainly not while R’s are in power. Party over all.


Before this conversation dissolves into yet another tangent about how the entire US government is essentially evil (and it is) I think we should focus on the actual question at hand:

There has never been a US POTUS with so much outstanding empirical evidence against him, basically proving that he’s a criminal; so what happens once he’s out of office, however that may come about?

Personally I’d also like to ‘hit the reset button’ on all his so-called policies, but that’s very unlikely.


Not even when (if?) Dems gain power.


Oh, for sure. We place this great hope on a “blue wave” where Dems get the majority and finally do something to put an end to this insanity.

But if history is any indicator they will just fuck it all up as usual.

I’d love to be proven wrong, though.


Especially since most are as beholden to big money as most Republicans are. The rise of further-left Dems is great, but I have little confidence it will unseat estsblishment Dem power anytime in my lifetime.


I agree. Face it - the GOP may not kick him out despite the evidence. It may take a power shift at the mid-terms to bring about his “retirement”.

So what if both houses were back to Dem control. Why not a RESET?

  1. Impeachment.

  2. Removal from office.

  3. Prosecution.

  4. Escape to Russia

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Again, sounds great, but for legal and technical reasons I don’t know the names of, I’m sure it won’t happen. Do you think life-time judicial appointments, for example, could be overturned,
just like that? Not to mention the typical nice-guy Dem thing Obama did of not prosecuting Bushies for their many heinous war crimes.


One thing the past two years have taught us is almost anything is possible when you hold all the power.

So yes - a Supreme Court Justice appointed by a criminal president should be unseated, and their decisions struck, the cases reheard.


I think I’d rather see him stick around long enough to witness the undoing of everything he tried to do - just like he tried to do to Obama. Karma.


Absolutely, that should happen, but…


Hence this thread:

Not just Trump, not just Gorsuch, not even just the lower court Trump appointees.

The right has been stacking the US judiciary and police forces with fascists for decades. They all have to go.

Sarcasm recognised, but for the benefit of the peanut gallery: from the perspective of the victims, there is nothing “nice” about providing immunity to monsters.

“Accessory after the fact” is a relevant legal term.


One thing I believe is that it will never happen if we don’t begin to be LOUD and CLEAR that this is our expectation, and the only equitable resolution of trumps legacy.

The revolution is not finished when trump is gone. It is not finished until everything is mopped up.


I’m not sure the US constitution + current amendments provide a mop that is large enough for the job.


Because institutions change things as little as they can on any given day.

The kind of “reset” you describe usually comes with guillotines and heads on pikes.