Trump "frantic" as lawsuits fail and hopes for legislative coup dim

Can we be glad that he invited the legislators to the white house instead of meeting then on 5th Ave?


US election: Michigan Republicans seek to delay vote certification


Perhaps, in terms of their possible damaging effects down the line, Trump’s shenanigans (assuming they fail) can be called a “stochastic coup” – after the notion of stochastic terrorism. They operationalize a later coup without precisely pinpointing when that coup will come.


Sadly his incompetency only scares me because it underscores how much more someone who was competent could do with the holes he has ripped in the fabric of our democracy.


So.he’s shredding paper, and stealing doorknobs and faucet handles? Cutting cords off all the appliances. Flooding tye bowling alley so the floor’s warped.


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But that’s the problem isn’t it. They want the government to fail.


Free reign to grift, rape, pillage and plunder.

The GOP wet dream.


This, in and of itself, ought to be (in a normal world) enough to haul in every GOP member of the Senate (-1) for sedition… hell, haul in every GOPer in the House, as well. Every one of them put party above country re: impeachment.

I think Biden’s statements are more for show than anything else. But…
I wonder who his AG pick is going to be? If it’s some milquetoast, we are doomed.
There must be a reckoning with the criminals in this (mal)administration; people have got to go to prison, at the very least. It’s probably going to take a ‘de-Trumpification’ of this country in order to restore any sort of balance. We probably need a Reconstruction v2 as well, since the first one obviously didn’t take.

Just heard they threw out Lord Dampnut’s lawsuit in Pennsylvania, so the noose tightens…
I hope they keep the Football far away from his tiny paws for the next two months.

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Flush him out maybe, but not keep him and his ilk out. He or one of his spawn will be back in 2024, and they will start their campaign on Jan 21st, 2021. Nothing will get done for the next four years with his spectre and base hanging over a gutless GOP. We will be back to a nail-biter in 2024 and unless there are some serious changes, that authoritarian faction has a good chance of winning. The only reason why Trump lost, by a relatively narrow margin, was because of demonstrating his absolute ineptitude to lead during a once-in-a-lifetime disaster that affects every single American. He almost won. Repeat after me, he almost won after arguably the WORST PRESEDENTIAL TERM in the history of our country, NOT INCLUDING COVID-19.

Yet, due to a ruthless, facist propaganda machine and voter suppression offensive, 70 million Americans voted for this incompetent Hitler-wannabe. This nation is fucked. With this election, I fear we have only delayed the violence to come.


That depends on the reaction afterwards. It’s way too early to see what will come out of this.

That the Dems are still attempting to reach across the aisle, and that only a single republican congress person has condemned this is plenty of evidence to know that trump has done catastrophic damage to our democracy already.


here ya go:
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This should be the only reach across they give


Yeah I saw them doing that as well and now it looks like he is poised to try the exact same tactic with Republicans in Pennsylvania where I live.

This is Banana Republic bulshit and it needs to be destroyed immediately

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It will go nicely with in prison with the refrains of “I’m innocent” from all the other inmates.


Does that seem vaguely possible for Trump? To be in a meeting and not talk?

I would suspect it’d be more a case of Trump waffles on and on in his usual incoherent stream of consciousness style, everyone else responds with vague platitudes about how he’s clearly just the greatest President ever and how it’s all too bad about the problems with the election and aren’t the Democrats terrible but without actually committing themselves to anything while trying to wheedle the discussion round to “Can we have some money please?”


Don’t worry. I’m sure a sternly worded letter condemning all of this is in the works.


His niece’s comment to the effect of “he has no way to process this” had a ‘truthy’ ring to me. That, or it hit me right in the Confirmation Bias. One of those.


I can imagine a future in which Trump becomes “The Old Pretender” and Donald jr becomes “The Young Pretender” plotting for their return to their “rightful” throne.

@ottojas Welcome aboard, comrade.