Trump gave fake platinum and diamond cufflinks to Charlie Sheen as a wedding gift


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I think it has something to do with finger length.


Thank you, Graham Norton and Charlie Sheen, both for the great story and for the knowledge that Piers Morgan is a Trump supporter.


“What does this really say about the man that he said, ‘Here’s a great wedding gift,’ and it’s just a bag of dog shit?”

Well, it’s certainly not winning. Most people wouldn’t want to give that kind of thing to someone with tiger blood. You might end up with Vatican Assassins coming after you.


I love Graham Norton so much!


Yeah, I’m just sad about this, because it means that there’s not going to be a Winning! ticket for November.


Trump probably assume Sheen was just going to give them to one of his hookers anyway.


Maybe that was Trump’s way of saying “take it from me, you don’t want to make too big a deal about wife number three.”


I do, too. He gets his guests involved in the dialogue, which makes for better anecdotes. It reminds me of the old Dick Cavett show.

Of course, the alcohol helps (I’m looking at you, Mark Wahlberg).


Maybe Trump was borrowing a tactic from Santo Gold, when he said it was “platinum” he meant Trump Platinum™ which is just junk metal (with “Trump” stamped on it so you know it’s “real” Trump Platinum™.)


This is a metaphor for Trump, his business and his candidacy, isn’t it?



At this rate, Trump will never be as classie as Freddie Blassie…


And late-stage capitalism.


Jesus, getting called out by Charlie Sheen for being tacky and sleazy?

That’s some high level tacky and sleazy right there.


Maybe the lackey that went out and actually procured the cuff links pocketed the difference between what drumpf actually wanted to give him and what was actually bought? :wink:


It says it matches the groom as much as the gifter.

Trump and Sheen really aren’t that far off in class.

The funny thing is that Trump knew it was fake right as he said that. He’s probably given out dozens of them, he just doesn’t care.


He simply adjusted the value of the gift to take the valuation of the Trump brand into account.


Which is exactly what he does with his personal net worth valuation.


That’s what I meant.