Wife of GOP mega-donor to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom


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Trump is utterly disgusting and transparently so. But I am at the point of saying, this now is something I feel pretty comfortable stating about anyone left who firmly aligns themselves with the GOP as it exists today.

History is not going to look kindly on you fuckers (paid Russian trolls on this forum included). Not. One. Bit.

Dare I say, in 100 years, I am willing to wager that the term “trump” means something very different than it does today. Something that means, I dunno, maybe the sarcastic opposite of what trump implies today. “Huh, you got soooo trumped by that one, dude.” Like when an ant crawls up your arm thinking it’s going to come out on top of that scenario, you would say that sarcastically about the ant “trumping” you.


I already associate trump with the poop emoji.


Presuming the USA still exists in 20 years, I hope that “trump” has about the same cachet as the suffix “gate” does presently.


I’m surprised as a BBS Captain that I wasn’t asked to lead the ceremony.


I am thinking the evolution of that name will follow along the same lines as “quisling.”


She seems to be a not-altogether horrible person who has done good works such as founding a drug rehab clinic.

If anything accepting this award will TARNISH her reputation because it brands her as a Trump flunky whose husband bought her a pretty medal instead of a decent but unremarkable philanthropist.


of the list of shit that this administration, the GOP, and Nostradumbass do that raises my hackles and concerns me…the giving away of the Presidential Medal of Freedom is quite literally at the bottom of the list.

Seriously…eye on the prize folks.#votethemallout


Future listings of Medal of Freedom winners will show Adelson’s name with an asterisk next to it.


OK, who’s with me on trying to get UNICODE to approve a version of the poop emoji… THAT’S ORANGE AND HAS A BAD, STRAW-YELLOW COMBOVER!!!

OH MY GODDDD we need to make this happen, folks!!!


I think that the word trump should come to mean ‘prestige fucked’.
Like; “You let that guy do you, you got trumped.”


More like cheap made in China trinkets or old chips from bankrupt casinos than medals of honor.



INEXPLICABLY there’s no poop template!!! WTF?!?!?!


Who’s been hanging with Stephen Harper. Surely a coincidence. It’s not like American conservative plutocrats would love to change those things in Canada that are embarrassing when they have the Republicans say stuff like that single-payer would never work. (“What about Canada?” “Death panels!”)

There are laws against sending dark money over the border, but only Canadian laws…


Presidential Medal of Freedom?

Toilet papers’ new friend…


Scalia’s in there? Why not just give one to fucking Kavanaugh.


Do they have a Freedom Medal of Valor like Tom Cruise? I don’t think so!


Mr. Adelson seems like a reptilian sort of person. Dr. Miriam Adelson has other credentials and interests.
This post only describes her as Sheldon’s wife, but does not mention her credentials as a Physician, microbiologist, geneticist, or her research into the genetic components of drug dependence.
It is reasonable to dispute the choice of recipients, but that conversation should at least include the reasoning behind the award. I have to assume that the reptile’s GOP support was a factor, but we are supposed to be at a societal stage where accomplished women can stand on their own.