Military widow ripped off by Trump University

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And so begins the long summer of videos and commercials detailing all the various Trump scams and sins, all of which are part of the public record and easily verifiable.

“Liberal media hit piece!” scream the adoring throngs of Trump supporters, “and that video of Trump strangling kittens was obviously photo-shopped! Furthermore . . . BENGHAZI!”


Isn’t BENGHAZI what that Sheldon guy says on Big Bang Theory?

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Gotta say one thing for the fluffy pumpkin brain: at least he’s consistent. :rage:


I"ve been saying for a long while. Trump has screwed and ripped off so many people (hell I’ve personally met about 1/2 a dozen and I’m just some asshole) that there’s no way he makes it through a full on national election. He could skate through a primary where his competitors are cautious about damaging the party or eventual nominee (and where apparently noone took his chances seriously). And the weeks leading to the conventions are largely concerned with other things. But the campaign begins in earnest this week. And we’ve already seen 2 large, apparently effective (based on his response) attacks on the guy. The Russia connections and the Kahns.


I am shocked. SHOCKED!!!

So she [Cheryl Lankford] is one of the 3300 litigations tRump is involved in. I hope she wins, big time.


It takes a lot of courage and self awareness to admit that you have been conned: on top of the immense shame piled on by a culture that venerates bullies and con men like Trump, deep psychological blocks immediately attempt to twist such events in your mind and rationalize your humiliation into something else, someone else.

After all, how else could there still be a GOP?


I think the challenge there is most of Trump’s worth is tied up in his name recognition. It’s not a liquid (or even liquid-possible) asset. Plus all these mean spirited lawsuits devalue his name (or should in a sensible reality … I’ll let y’all know when I find one). :laughing:


The video clip here doesn’t show all of her entrance, but for some reason the DNC sound folk decided that AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long” (you can hear the last couple notes of it at the start, here) was appropriate walk-up music.

I remember watching this live and seeing Ms. Lankford’s very confused look before she started her speech. I was confused, too!

And he’s been damaging his name, lots of public pullouts from his businesses, Macy’s dropped his clothing line, people dropping his name from things etc. A loss, especially a bad one, has significant implications for the value of his “brand”. The thing he makes most of his claims of net worth on.


“As through this world you travel, you’ll meet dishonest men, some will rob you with a six-gun, and some with a fountain pen.” --Woody Guthrie, singer, composer, folk-hero, activist, hobo, “total loser.”


Although, to be fair, I’ve never seen any evidence that Trump can read or write.


I always figured university courses should be taught by people who’d at least attended one.


That can’t be possible.

Donald Trump loves war heroes and their [families] (


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