Trump hires 2020 campaign manager, who then likes "idiot" Twitter comment about Trump


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So far, that’s two truthful statements that have come from 45’s circle. The first was Rex Tillerson saying 45 is a moron.



We really ought to consider the asterisk. 45*. Kinda like 61*.



To be fair, he probably though doublespeak was in full play, where yes means no. Or that it was a “sarcastic” comment. You know, “Oh yeah, Trump is such an idiot.” eyeroll

Or, even more likely, doesn’t know how the internet works. Just pressing buttons.


I just don’t know why anyone would take a job that will almost probably get them put under the eye of a federal investigation. Hope it pays really well.



Every new Trump hire:





You can’t make this stuff up… well you can, but really, there’s no need. The tragic comedy writes itself.



(now it’s stuck in my head)


That dance wasn’t as safe as they said it was.


But it’s the SAFETY dance! It’s right there in the name! How can it not be safe! (gets up in office begins to do the safety dance, immediately twists an ankle then pokes self in eye)



Never not funny.

Also, the further away from the 80s I am, the more I love that decade.


Scrubs wasn’t even one of my shows, and I still laughed too hard when I saw that clip.

Right? Living through it really kinda sucked, but the nostalgia after the fact is pretty awesome…


Yeah, pretty much the music and some of the movies were the best part (video games, too, maybe - arcades?). Also… “push… struggle!!!” Now i want to go listen to some 80s Killing Joke!


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