Trump hospitalized with Covid symptoms

IIRC they can name a new candidate. Though it’s likely too late to get that candidate on the ballot everywhere, and votes for Trump can not just be counted as votes for the new candidate. If Pence is the candidate, then votes for Pence as VP can not be counted as votes for Pence as president.

So it’s basically a last minute write in campaign.

However if Trump kicks it post election, and he’s won. Then Pence as the winning VP would become president and the new Congress would select a new VP.

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The Trump electors in the electoral college would vote for the Republican’s alternate


He did say that the Constitution gives him powers that no one knows about.


“I just figure they’re so greedy they must have ventilators close at hand because they know they’re important and they are selfish.”

This is one take, but from what I understand about ventilators, not a good one. From all accounts the need for ventilators was overstated and there was never a shortage. In fact, the last stat I heard said 85% of COVID patients put on a ventilator died anyway - it is a last-resort, hail-Mary kind of treatment when it comes to COVID. I seriously doubt the WH would hoard them.

(That’s not to say Trump won’t end up on a ventilator - who knows? But if he does, that’s really not a good sign for his chances of survival.)


I only work in DC and I’m not a pundit or insider, but personally I don’t think you have much more to worry about than before this happened. No Republican I know of takes Pence seriously. That’s basically how he got his job. He’s non threatening. There will be allot of infighting LONG before Pence’s name comes up as a candidate and even if the Pubs put all of their hopes on Pence, Americans don’t know him as anything other than a bumbling, ineffectual idiot with absolutely zero charisma.


Did it bite him? Or did he get irradiated by gamma rays while holding it?


Everyone’s worried about Pence…


Friday, October 02, 2020

Next Step

Jared runs to the assembled press and shrieks in his bizarre voice, “I’m in control!”

Atrios at 18:30


Rather: “Give me an example when Dumpy has done ONE MINUTE of actual ‘work’ in his entire goddamned life.”

He’s never “worked” in the semantic sense of having to be there by 9 or the boss will yell at ya, much less the sort of “work” that people like janitors, dishwashers, firemen, do.

Another semantic sense of “work”: it must have taken a lot of “work” to have been given $413,000,000 from daddy, bought casinos, and lost all that. I’ll give him that: it must take some sort of “work” to be that much of fucking loser.


Oh yeah. Forgot about that part.

Big mess one way or the other. Frankly i don’t think there’s much chance of them eeking out a win in all that disaster.


And all night gas station and video rental?

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thanks for the big picture analysis! I was hoping people would chime in. :slight_smile:


I don’t think it matters who is on the ballot that your or I mark, so long as the electors pledged to Trump agree on who to vote for. And THAT is the question, isn’t it? Sure, they could all cast their vote for Pence as president, but would they? I guaran-damn-tee that somebody is currently sounding some of them out, trying to figure out to get them to vote for somebody else as we speak.]

edited to add: I’m going to assume for simplicity’s sake that pledged electors are freed from their pledges (in the states where they are legally required to vote for the candidate that they are pledged to) if the candidate dies. But are they freed from their pledge to vote for Pence as VP? Could we end up with the VP nomination thrown to congress? Interesting times indeed.


from way back in march


I think Boris mentioned that it was something like “very serious, and he didn’t wish it on anyone”.

Boris at least plays an empathy card


Can we please please please get a live feed of Donald working in the hospital? I want to see how he tweets with a vent tube in the way


Ah yes, Chairman of the White House Coronavirus Task Force.


So it’s just a regular Friday then…

That boost was before he got sick. Part of a general boost, just like Trump got here in late March, of people pulling together behind the government.


Recently I’ve only seen “abundance of caution” used when people meant “take a trivial and appropriate counter-measure grudgingly.”

Examples: Trump going to Walter Reed. Tennessee Titans suspending practice when they have a raging outbreak. Etc.