Trump hospitalized with Covid symptoms

Pence has the support of the GOP establishment but he doesn’t have his own death cult. It remains to be seen whether the passion Trump has cultivated among his followers could transfer to another person, especially someone Trump purposely selected as a milquetoast supplicant who would never, ever threaten to outshine him.


There it is again.


and tweeting.


I’ll bet they have a pile of them at the White House. But from my limited understanding they really should be set up and use strictly by anesthesiologists and trained nurses, not a general practitioner. So even if they have a hoard of them at the White House, the White House clinic really isn’t the best setting for sedating, paralyzing, intubating and caring for a patient on ventilation, I’m guessing.

So pretty much what you were thinking I’m thinking. I just figure they’re so greedy they must have ventilators close at hand because they know they’re important and they are selfish.


And that’s when he’s doctor-dressed.

He looks like faculty at the skeevy wizard school for people who can’t afford Hogwarts.


A ventilator really needs a fully equipped and staffed ICU facility.

WH’s medical centre, however staffed with expert medics of several stripes, may not have a fully furnished ICU.

Does anyone know / can anyone find out?

ETA the talking heads on BBC’s Newsnight are saying the WH facility is rather more primitive than we may think - and, of course, it is not a fully configured hospital.


Remember kiddos, “thoughts and prayers”.

I never said they were kind ones though!


I don’t know that Pence can be the candidate technically…

In my reading of the rules, the Republicans could have in past months selected a new candidate and Pence might have been an option, but not a default choice by the RNC rules, but now that certification dates in a bunch of states have passed, I don’t think they can normally change their candidate. A lot of ballots are already printed and some voters have already cast their votes.

That said, of course the Republicans would try to delay or change things. But it doesn’t seem like they’re supposed to be able to do so this late in the election cycle. So it should theoretically start a big legal fight if they try to go down such a road.


Honestly, anyone running instead of Trump scares me. There are so many people who just cannot bring themselves to vote for Trump and would be incredibly happy to have any other Republican run. Like, the Lincoln Project has been great and all, but let’s not kid ourselves that most of them wouldn’t switch from Biden to Any-Republican-Who-Isn’t-Trump.


That isn’t a slam dunk. The working theory of antibody treatment (plasma, monoclonal, or polyclonal) is that they likely need to be taken early on in the infection cycle to be effective – before you know if it is going to be serious or not. The bad part of the disease comes mostly after peak infection when your body is dealing with the aftermath and damage done by the virus and your immune system. The theory is that early antibody treatment might start cutting down the virus before your immune system really gets going.

That said this sounds moderately serious at least.


Have you seen Moon Over Parador?


Yeah, definitely not a slam dunk. I have heard (and repeat without having research) that high doses of the antibodies have some seriously unpleasant side effects. So it would really have to be an ABUNDANCE of caution to go that route, which I guess would maybe be justified for someone occupying the role of President.


If they both are incapacitated there’s not enough time to get another Repub on the ballot, from what I understand.

I cannot allay your fears, nor would I even try to; these are unprecedented times.

I do know that I wont give into apathy or dismay, because that helps nothing.


I wonder if the GOP has reached out to Alec Baldwin’s agent yet.


Also, the charisma of a $5 styrofoam cooler that’s been used to store dead catfish


Hey. You take that back about dead catfish.


Must be serious. 16 hours and no Tweets.

Anybody checked Twitter’s stock value…?


True. That was harsh.

ETA: On the catfish.


Yeah - they didn’t even get a flunky to tweet “I’m fine, the finest I’ve ever been” - something sure is up.


Not to mention that Pence was theoretically the person running Trump’s Covid-19 task force.

Hard to run on a record like that when your candidacy was only made possible by your dismal failure.