Trump: 'If Biden wins, the rioters, anarchists and looters win," also ''If Biden wins, China wins,' both lies

He promised to kill hundreds of thousands of Americans? Cause that is what he’s doing.


That many pardons? I’m conflicted: I don’t know whether to make a joke about writer’s cramp, or that such strenuous and prolonged exercise will require consultation with a physician (which itself causes conflict as to whether to include the deranged, golden-locked Dr. Bornstein) or whether to inquire as to how many custom thick-tip Sharpies will be required or …

“If Biden wins, Trump loses.”

That’s what’s really bothers him.


Understood. However, they actually liked to say “Russia” when referring to the Soviet Union. At UCLA circa 1991, one of the university regents was asked about the moral implications of the university’s defense and nuclear weapons research. In his opinion, he said, if it hadn’t been for that work, “we’d all be speaking Russian now.”

It’s time you learn how to speak like a respectful adult to someone who has earned all our respect.

Thing X happens a lot to so why bother doing anything to try and fix Thing X? That’s a fast route to a much worse world. Calling out lies and hypocrisy is how we counter said lies and hypocrisy. Throwing up your hands and taking your ball home does not a good soccer game make.



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