Trump: 'If Biden wins, the rioters, anarchists and looters win," also ''If Biden wins, China wins,' both lies

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Trump also said that he is “the great environmentalist” and that if Biden wins, “the environment will be badly hurt…permanently injured.” So he rather gave away that he’s projecting furiously here.


Not lies. If Biden wins, everybody wins


Can we just call him Darvo J Trump Turnip?


I was coming to say exactly the same thing. The only people who don’t win if Biden wins are people who have committed crimes from Trump.


Has 45 got any time left to campaign, shouldn’t he be writing up pardons while he still has a chance?


In the good old days, a Republican line would be “if the democratic nominee wins, Russia wins.”


In the good old days, a Republican line would be “if the democratic nominee wins, Russia wins.”

These days, it seems like the (R) after the name stands for Russian rather than Republican for quite a few of them, based on who they seem to support


I wonder if those pardons are contingent on a win. Like if Trump loses then everyone just gets cut loose (except maybe Don Jr.)?


Trump can’t do anything for Don Jr. if he is charged with state crimes.


“It’s very simple to remember: If Biden wins, China wins,” is quite clever, in a stupid sort of way.
The people who need to “remember” that on polling day are not going to be able to remember anything more complicated, so he’s given them something to focus on.


And the next day continue to buy stuff made in China at the local Dollar Store and or WalMart.


Unfortunately, there’s still about 3 months between the election and inauguration day. :rage:


Oh, like that loser is going to get a pardon.

Makes sense, but he’s kind of diluting it with all this other crazy nonsense he’s spouting, though.


It looks like from now until election day Trump is going to stick with “THE BIG LIE” strategy to win re-election. As in if you lie long enough and loud enough someone will eventually believe you. It is remarkably effective to an uninformed electorate.

You’d think with the Internet and the profusion of News Networks available on cable these days that kind of strategy couldn’t work but a whole lot of people don’t bother to check any other sources than the one’s they rely upon daily.


What else does he have really? The truth that he is a fascist, racist, sexist monster out to destroy the constitution is only going to appeal to…

well… millions of Americans…

Never mind…


I assume that, if he loses (please, please lose), he’ll just sell Pardons to the highest bidder and save one for himself.

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Russia is not Soviet Union. Of course “a leopard cannot change its spots” so some things are the same now as in the Cold war.

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It’s time you learn a few truths of life. Santa is not real and ALL politicians lie. I am far from a Trump supporter, but come on, let’s face facts. Show me one politician who did not throw even a small bit is dirt on their opponent.
I am sure they are out there, but I suspect that they did not win, or at best they did not keep their seat. Not to mention, very few of them (dirt flingers or not), even acted like they made any promises to push this for or push against that, did anything they said they would.

You have to admit, Trump has done exactly what he said he would do on the campaign trail with only one exception. He said he would lie, cheat and steal his way through his presidency and by golly he has done just that. The exception sadly being, that America is far from being great again.

I think that the strategy is to overflow the media in big lies and make less visible the actual problems and question, and making possible to dismiss a lie the accusation to him.