Trump: "If you take the blue states out [of Covid death count] we're at a level I don't think anybody in the world would be at."

A qualified, responsible president would…we need to elect one in November.


Isn’t it funny how “Make America Great Again” doesn’t actually seem to include “demonstrate greatness by actually succeeding at something”?


If you meant when he’s referring to the charts, it’s still cameras on burst mode.

Welcome to the BBS.

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“if you take the blue states out, we’re at a level I don’t think anybody in the world would be at.”

This is exactly the language used by someone utterly defeated but too fucking arrogant and stupid to recognize it. And…it’s Trump, so totally checks out.

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Here she is in an ad:


Not incompetence, but pure apathy. I think that’s even worse. Incompetence implies you are actually making some sort of effort.


That’s what people don’t “get” about California. They think it’s all Hollywood and Silicon Valley. Travel an hour or two outside any major city and it’s as rural as any red state.


Divisive much?

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Home of Reagan and Nixon, first state to enact “Three Strikes” laws, banned same-sex marriage through a ballot proposition, had anti-miscegenation laws until 1948… yep, no shortage of Trump-minded folks here.

Even Hollywood isn’t nearly as liberal as people make it out to be. Most Hollywood-actors-turned-politicians (Reagan, Bono, Ventura, Eastwood, Schwarzenegger, etc) have been Republicans.


I reside amid a string of ‘red’ counties in California’s interior. Funny thing here – we don’t have lots of MAGA-Tramp-etc stuff displayed. Locals may support neo-Nazis but don’t flaunt it. Bad for business, I suspect.

…and let’s not forget Wally George!

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Those are sonic screwdrivers; his handlers are trying to re-tightening his loose screws.


hecep: “If we took Trump out [in 2016] the US wouldn’t be in the frickin’ messes we’re in now."

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I’m very disappointed in my President’s statement. It makes it sound like he only cares about the states that voted for him that are identified as majority Republican. Even though I’m from the blue-est of blue states (Massachusetts) and did not vote for him he’s still my President.

If I were Austin Powers I’d be breaking into “Daddy Wasn’t There” right around now. It seems he doesn’t care.

Um. Yes. That’s a fact.


California has more registered Repubs than any other state but fuck California, right?


Everyone knows that they don’t work on wood!


Here I thought you lot had a “President of the UNITED States”, not “President of the Republican States and No-one Else”.


They don’t count, because they won’t deliver Trump the electoral college votes he needs to stay in power and avoid prosecution.

Exactly. Fuck all the GOPs who didn’t take their states. Reward all the Dems who didn’t throw their states. It’s almost Pavlovian.