Trump impeached — abuse of power & obstruction of congress

Merry Impeachmas, one and all!


No, those comments still look as batshit. A former Senator, Secretary of State, and Presidential candidate accusing a member of Congress and the Armed Forces of being a spy for a foreign power? Without any evidence or due process? Sorry, that is still crazy.

Trump is crazy to go on unhinged twitterstorms, but we dont need to jump into the same sewer.

Regarding her vote ‘present’, if she really were a foreign agent, that would be some Austin Powers level sh#t there. Already clear where the vote would go, 1 more vote wouldnt change anything, and any vote but “yea” would fuel the tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists…

In any event, she had already made clear her position on impeachment, so this is hardly a surprise.


I agree. It was a great time to remind the Republicans that Clinton won the popular vote. However, Hoyer ain’t gonna be running for POTUS in 2024: he looks great for his age, but he’s 80.

Schiff’s decision to lead with the Hamilton quote was brilliant.

Most of the immediate Republican responses came from some sort of carnival barker.

They kept saying that you can’t impeach a sitting president. All this time at the hearings and they don’t have a clue what “impeach” means.

Here’s her full statement. (She represents the bluest part of Hawaii, which is like the hottest part of the sun; I can’t wait to see what the reaction is on the part of my neighbors.)


Gabbard does understand she’s supposed to be running for the Democratic nomination, right??


I know. Very little would strike me as surprising, coming from someone who used to push for gay conversion “therapy.”

But still, Clinton has real connections, and something tells me she didn’t mention that at random. It may still have been inappropriate, and a stupid thing to say without offering up evidence, but I doubt it was based on nothing.




Hillary never said she was a “spy.”

There are many ways an American politician can effectively act as a Russian asset. Trump and his cronies certainly are.


Yech. About as spineless a statement as I would expect from a person who “used” to push gay conversion abuse. What a loser.

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Trump is both literally and figuratively red in the face about this


One of my senators is Chuck Schumer. So I think I’m good. Except that I’m stuck with Chuck Schumer.

Those overlays on the TV aren’t official, they’re from the networks. If I’m remembering it right, I think it’s cspan gets some sort of tap of the electronic vote system or something and it can run at a delay. Everyone else taps or follows that. In part cause the system is from like 1960.

The hand votes are kinda a formality too. Since votes are whipped before hand, so they already know the outcome. Hence the movement for a hand vote after the whole ayes have it thing. The official count is apparently:

230 in favor, 198 opposed, 1 present on article one.
229 in favor, 198 against, and 1 present on article two.

So there’s about 6 people unaccounted for and at least one abstention on the 2nd article. That may be people who declined to vote, it may be people who just didn’t show up.

I keep expecting Nunes to stand up and start shrieking about the hollow earth and Nancy Pelosi’s secret allegiance to Sasquatch.

Significantly. Nasty and dishonest as most Republicans have been since Nixon. And especially Gringrich and his peers. This is a level above. All this deep state, no you is straight up fringe conspiracy.

Cost to cost AM, New World Order, 12 Jew Bankers, Majestic 12, Alex Jones and fucking David Icke conspiracy.

The Newt set were nasty and dishonest. And the fringe was there, but it wasn’t exactly welcome standing at the head of the House of Representatives. And even during Bush II Electric Boogaloo it never would have become the official talking point.

Their official stance. The tip of the spear. Their central defense of the president is straight up black helicopters are coming for me crazy balls. And to present it to the world they went with a mall preacher who spits invective so fast you can’t tell what he’s saying.

Neither is Schiff. Guys never shown any interest. And that’s hardly the standard for “did well” in this context.

Stoyer laid it out plainly, and clearly. And made about as impassioned a call as he could (I think he might technically be dead) for the GOP to do the right thing. Called them out for not doing it before. And got in a couple of shots that really should have been mentioned before like the popular vote thing.

Schiff’s a better speaker though. Probably cause he’s not 80.

Pretty sure she’s running for a kushy gig on Fox News. Doesn’t seem to do much campaigning at this point. But makes a lot of appearances in the conservative “press”.





There’s part of your answer:


Grump Cat lives! :stuck_out_tongue:


Will it still sound as crazy, if Gabbard does end up running as an independent in the general?


Um, that seems very premature?


Gabbard is playing the Russian- funded Jill Stein in the 2020 election.



(as an aside, I was confused at the google return results for images then realized I had typed “animated gif chers”)