Trump launches presidential bid

“Fuckface Von Clownstick 2016: This time I mean it for real this time.”


At first I was like

“That’s a terrible idea…”

then I was like

“wait, maybe it would lead to a cool cyberpunk post apocalyptic world where mega corporations use people like used snot tissue or human flash drives to smuggle data inside our heads. And we’re all cyborized to make us into half robot slave and half human consumer w#0r3. Then we’d be forced to rise up against ‘the man’ or fight with cyber arms over spoiled meat we find in a dumpster behind the soylent green factory. You want to try some snow crash? (j/k)”

and then I was like

“hmmm… yeah, no that would be horrible.”


You’re soaking in it!

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Here, donny donny donny donny

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To paraphrase from David Sedaris’s Me Talk Pretty One Day: Every time I hear Trump speak is like having a cesarean section.

Now the States has a chance to have a president even more ridiculous than North Korea, make this happen!

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