Trump NatSec advisor HR McMaster to resign. Fox News analyst John Bolton to replace

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So whose fault is it? The Iranians?

Who else is in a better position to stop this?


My kids were so excited to see Bolton appointed to the administration until I explained that he’s actually not the same guy who protects the Truffala trees.


We are all fucked. Not in the good way.
We all should get fucked. In the good way because it may be the last thing we get to do.


You and me both, sir. (Redbreast here)


They thought he was the Lorax?

Man, I wish


Already ahead of you with the fresh bottle of Redemption Rye.

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You’re preaching to the wrong choir here, my friend.

Protest and direct action have been nearly continuous since the Orange Goblin has taken office, and it’s largely done fuck all to make any difference at this point. We are living in unprecedented times. We have an incredibly unpopular administration, and a majority party that when asked to jump can only ask “how high.” They are clearly out for their own interests and don’t give a shit about what the public wants. Scandal after scandal that would have sunk any other administration the minute they were revealed are buried and quickly forgotten. We have no choice but to play the long game here.

The only hope much of us have at this point is that the “blue tsunami” will be a reality this November, and if not impeachment to follow, at least ensuring Trump doesn’t serve a second term.


What are YOU doing, right now, to stop this?

Are you protesting? Are you actively stopping Bolton from being put in his position?

You and I, and Americans in general, have zero power to stop this. We can yell and scream and protest in the streets and it will have zero effect.

You are literally blaming the people here on this board, and all Americans, for the future deaths of anyone Bolton unleashes violence towards. That is not cool.


There are two types of protest:

The modern American Liberal tradition, where you arrange to gather in a way that doesn’t inconvenience people and try to change hearts and minds with signs, speeches and theatre. This is the threat of power rather than the use of it; the idea is to demonstrate to politicians that a committed voting bloc opposes them.

Then there is the other type of protest, used by the American underclass and most of the non-US world. In this version, you arrange to gather in a way that causes as much inconvenience as possible. The idea is not to change hearts and minds; the idea is to shut shit down. This is the use of power, not just the threat of it.

The first is a demonstration. The second is a strike. Both of them can be done peacefully and non-destructively.

Demonstrations rely upon the conscience of the oppressor. Strikes, not so much.

So far, the rise of Trumpism has seen a moderate amount of symbolic protest and almost no strike action (with the exception of the month-long shutdown of St Louis by BLM, and the recent wave of action from teachers).

The non-fascist majority of America have the power to bring the country to a halt. But power is meaningless if it isn’t used.


Roger that!


For fucks sake, this is awful. The only question is on which continent the war will be this time.

I love that Trump claimed in the primary’s that Iraq was the worst mistake, then appoints the biggest Iraq war booster to be his next national security advisor.


So set the date, call for a general strike in the US, and then promote the hell out of it.

The problem is, in the promotion, getting past the outrage fatigue from both his orangeness, and the Bush-Obama administration.


I’ve spent the last couple of years attempting to alert Americans to the danger. And I toss a fair percentage of my extremely limited income at assorted American resistance groups.

To what extent were the German people responsible for the crimes of the Nazi regime?


You do realize how big the US is right? Sorry for being flip but, these types of actions worked well in countries far smaller geographically and with less diverse populations.

A city or two might be “shut down” but, the country at large?

What’s needed is a military coup but even that would take a miracle.


Yes, I’ve heard you talk about strikes and destroying things and causing damage before. I’m waiting for the next step.


There is a tipping point at which such protests would have an effect but we haven’t reached it yet. I’m talking stuff like general strikes on a scale big enough to bring the whole country grinding to a halt, marches stopping automobile traffic in every major city in the country, that kind of thing. For recent precedent look at Romania or Ethiopia.


How long we got? That’s 15 minutes gone already!!