Trump officials reportedly asked top military officials to remain quiet about George Floyd protests


But despite the absence of a unified message across the military, several senior officials, including a service chief, have already begun acknowledging that Floyd’s death was a “national tragedy.”

sigh, except that it’s really an exclamation mark in a long, long story. And that’s the national tragedy.


crime, it was a crime, pretty sure that’s a vocabulary word they’ve covered before


Former/current agency officials and former/current military are “political influencers” to an extent. As cynical as I am, I believe that a portion of the GOP’s silence on Trumpian matters is driven principally by cowardice. With enough of the aforementioned officials and military standing up to Trump and speaking out, that may help peel off a number of GOP cowards who — finally “covered” by said influencers – will be emboldened to face their constituents and call out Trump. No need to ask me if I’m holding my breath; it’s a waiting game.


It comes down to defense contracts in their home states.

Influence there is real.

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Yes, yet I’d think there are many things that rock politicos boats.


I dunno, the marine corps is pretty light on reading and writing capabilities. Like, does literacy really factor in when you’re supposed to be cannon fodder?

I think the marine corps have higher standards than other branches, actually.

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It’s the joke that the marines are dumb, and boy did I take a long walk to try and perpetuate the stereotype.

In anycase, I feel bad for the armed service people. For like, the last 50 years their jobs have been unnecessary and used for evil purposes that waste human life for the sake of generating capital.

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Oh, okay.

And more and more, the people who join up do so because it’s a career of last resort that will hopefully pay for a college education for them so they can actually move up the economic ladder. But now that college is so expensive, even that’s not particularly helpful.


Reminder that the senior ranks of the US military are just as corrupt as the senior ranks of the US political class.


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