Trump: "People of faith" led the "abolition of civil rights"


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Huh? What?


When he has gaffes like this is just convinces me he doesn’t truly know what “abolition” means. He’s heard the word used before… being completely confident he just uses it knowing he can only possibly use it correctly…


Yeah, he probably heard the term “abolitionists” used in connection with civil rights for black people somewhere and tried to wing it from there.


First, I’m saving that image of Trump. I think it’s my favorite so far. Bravo, Rob.

Second, (in the voice of Jerry Seinfeld), “The man doesn’t gaffe.”

So it’s not a gaffe. Freudian slip, maybe? He’s been fantasizing about abolishing civil rights, and it’s been getting him through the cold, cold nights when Melania refuses to come to bed?


Well, he’s not wrong . . .


I would say Freudian Slip but I don’t think he has a superego.

The superego consists of two systems: The conscience and the ideal self. The conscience can punish the ego through causing feelings of guilt. For example , if the ego gives in to the id’s demands, the superego may make the person feel bad through guilt.


Could we please abolish Trump?


Almost every movement is led by people of faith. Because a majority of people are people of faith.


Good point.

Or maybe – really, really… really – deep down there’s some part of him that feels shame, and like in Citizen Kane, he will say something cryptic – I mean more cryptic than he already has – and some off screen presence will reveal something that ties in to that micro-shard of humanity that he has hidden away, and an audience that we will never see will all say, “Ahhh… that explains it.” then get up after the fires burn out and the credits roll and head home.


From Flipboard’s grid:


Nice cover Rob!


Less and less every year. Less movements in the future perhaps?


The Y’Golonac allusion is apt.

…but when his name is spoken or read he comes forth to be worshipped or to feed and take on the shape and soul of those he feeds upon…



Faith doesnt necessarily mean religion.

I have ‘faith’ in gravity, for instance; or that the sun will rise tomorrow.


Indeed but in context of trump’s prayer breakfast I’m sticking with religious faith. Or fraud in this case.


Far as I can tell, people of faith are still trying to curtail certain civil rights.


This exactly. The man is an idiot. He repeats things he has heard without understanding the meanings behind the words. God have mercy on our country.


Movements will approach zero in correlation with the heat of the universe.


That’s a potentially unnecessary expansion of the definition of faith though.

I’d say I don’t have faith the sun will rise tomorrow, because I have a well founded belief that it will. A belief informed by evidence and facts.


Meh, this is just run-of-the-mill rhetoric in mainstream US politics… Nevermind that “people of faith” isn’t a definable term (and it includes, (gasp!) Hindus, Muslims, pagans, ect). No, it’s just a fucking inkblot for the religious right. Besides, for these people it’s also tautological; if you do something unethical, you are obviously without faith and if behave ethically, the lord is working through you.